July 4th Weekend

So, this weekend I’ll be going down to South Jersey for what seems to have become a 4th of July event, Melissa and I are going Crabbing with her father. WHOO!

Two years ago I was king of all crabs (that kind of sounds dirty…)but sadly last year I barely got any. Her father had three lines down on one side and grab a mess load of them, but Melissa and I were left with the babies and had to throw them back in for next year.

Anyway, I’m back baby! And I plan on making the species extinct with the amount I’m going to catch. I feel that much luck comes in odd numbers. My freshmen and junior years of college were the best (Senior year was amazing, but I remember junior year a little more, just because the group of crazies I had on my floor my first year of being an RA). So, I’m back bitches! Watch out!

We’ll be back probably late sunday night and be back in time to watch the Livingston fire works (which I haven’t done in a long time) with my parents and Melissa.


PS No promises but I’ll try and post some updates, I probably won’t be able to post any pics or anything.

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