Mathew Scare

We had a scare with Mathew, the cat, who should be 20 years around the end of August or early september. That little man is a legend and I took off of work to take him to the vet. Nothing was found to be bad. He hadn’t been eating and he was throwing up whatever he drank or ate. The doctor didn’t see anything bad on him or that anything was out of the ordinary. He said if it continued to bring him back for blood work. (Part of me wishes that they did it today. But I trust the doctor’s advise).

When we got back, he still didn’t want to eat or drink (he lick the water a little) I hope and pray that by tomorrow he is better. I’m going to be in South Jersey this weekend and I don’t want to have anything happen to him while I’m not around.

Keep our little feline mascot in your prayers and hope for the best.

Here are some pics of him at the apartment the other weekend, click on the thumbnail for a bigger image:


PS The doctor actually said for a cat his age he looks remarkably well (he still has all his teeth).

4 thoughts on “Mathew Scare

  1. socramforever says:

    you’ve known that little bastard a long time…I think…maybe not twelve years but long enough.

    Mathew says meow.

    Call some time.

    The last class fucking suck!

    Damn you George Lucas!

  2. socramforever says:

    Mathew is still at home, he only came over for a visit…I was hoping that it wasn’t the trip to the apartment or the fact that my mother and Melissa went to a adotion center and had the smell of other cats on them and he got depressed or something.

    At last check he is feeling a lot better, he drank a lot of water last night and he’s running around energetic. Now if only we can get him to drink some food.

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