From Dave (now formerly of Warnock)

Dave left today after working for the company for about ten months or so. I wish him all the luck with whatever he plans on doing.

Anyway, he left me with this one gem of a website, I don’t know how many of you will have the stomach for it, because I sure as hell don’t.

Here it is:

It is exactly what it says there, you are rating people’s shit…crazy crazy site. Some people are sick with it too, they put googlie eyes on it or a McDonald’s flag on it, I didn’t venture pass the first picture, I figured I would get sick, Dave was telling me about it.

But I thought someone would like to check it out. Whoever does though is sick!

Enjoy sickos


2 thoughts on “From Dave (now formerly of Warnock)

  1. socramforever says:

    Did you click on the link? or did you not even go past what I had written?


    I knew people would react to this one.

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