From Alex (my boss’ son) #2

Here is another one from Alex, from the same day, I just don’t like posting them both at the same time.

This time its with Mortal Kombat.

Click the link:



6 thoughts on “From Alex (my boss’ son) #2

  1. socramforever says:

    I still remember them. MK3 wasn’t as good as II, I remember II being so amazing.

    I will love to play MK4, I have never found it anywhere. I want to buy it to play it because its so rare. I had a chance to play it once in the arcade (do they even still exist?) and I never had a chance to play again. I’ve played Deadly Alliance (which is part 5) and I want to get the last one, which I forgot what the name of it was (which is part 6). Could you do some research on part 4 for me?

  2. socramforever says:

    I believe it only came out for PSone and probably Sega Dreamcast or something like that (I think Dreamcast wasn’t looked at as a good system when it was, and I only wish I bought one when they were still making them because I would have loved to have played some of those Sonic games (with my friends I used to play a tennis game among other awesome games) and I know for a fact that in Japan its still out and is even more popular there. They are still making games for it.)Anyway, see if anyone is selling it cheap for PSone.

    Ever play or hear of MK Trilogy?

  3. flammable says:

    Oh yeah…MK Trilogy was on N64, too. Used to play that as my little brother’s friend’s house. He’d take advantage of the fact that none of us owned any MK games, and would beat us into the ground. But it was kinda fun when you could beat him just by mashing buttons. *sigh*

    Will take a look, I’d recommend eBay for that kind of stuff. Heck, I just bought a computer off eBay, good stuff as long as you’re careful (use PayPal and spot an obvious scam, i.e. if something is wayyy too cheap and they want cash or Western Union).

    Dreamcast was fun. Were there any Sonic games that they didn’t rerelease for the PS2? BTW, I still have that computer game you lent me, I didn’t realize I still had it until I was unpacking my things at home (my dad packed up my desk for me). Will send that soon, along with some other stuff (wink wink). Been working on that too, though with limited results.

  4. socramforever says:

    Which game was it that you had? I forgot, but please by all means send it back along with any wink wink.

    Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 I believe were the only two that didn’t make it to PS.

    I never played MK Trilogy, I thought it was an interesting concept. All three of the first games (plus Ultimate) put into one game. It looks like it was sick. I think they still sell it for PS.

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