Chevy’s #1 salesman for June

Hummerz was Warnock Chevy’s #1 salesman for the month of June. For only being in the game for about four months he has topped everyone that is there. Hummerz is a beast. Now that the sale is continuing through to August 1st, come on down to Morrisstown and buy one from the big man.

And even though I didn’t get a call back from Hummerz the other night when he said he was having a “beer bbq” I’ll forgive him and post some pics.

Here we have the carlist, this is where the managers keep track of how many cars each salesperson has sold. Look who has the most…don’t be fooled by the name that is written up there, “Matt” is merely an alias, “Matt” prefers to go by the name Hummerz.

Click the thumbnails for a bigger image:

Here’s the man, Hummerz, sitting proudly with his list:

Here is Hummerz with Carlo, one of the techs in the service department who’s a good friend too me and really too everyone in the company. His son is the one who hooks me up with a whole bunch of wrestling PPV:

Yeah, now that its a new month, I’m waiting for the carlist wars to begin, as far as I could tell, the list is straight across, everyone has one at least so far.

Let the games begin boys.


PS here is another one of Hummerz with Carlo:

2 thoughts on “Chevy’s #1 salesman for June

  1. anonymous says:

    Damn son that shit is phat as hell!!!!!!!!!! nice, sorry I didn’t check it out sooner I’ve been busy as shit lol ya know with selling all of those cars and shit OH YEAH SONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry about the Beer BQ again my bad son!!!!!!!

  2. socramforever says:

    Hummerz clearly sounding like he has given himself a beer BBQ here.

    Its cool, its cool. Glad you liked the post, I thought you would appreciate it. Share it with all your friends. Maybe more of them will buy cars from here and give you more sales. That would be cool. We need more business.

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