One movie I probably will not see this summer is…

Fantastic Four. I’ve been very on and off about this film. I was iffy about it before and I still am kind of iffy. Some of the comercials seem like they are pretty cool, but I don’t know, I’m a big X-men fan and I’ve read the comic books, I never saw the cartoon, but the film just hasn’t fully hit that spot.

I think Jessica Alba is hot in it, at least what I’ve seen. But the movie hasn’t shown me the ultimate action scenes, they keep showing the group going to like the doctors, or catching each other in the shower, or trucks crashing into them, or jumping off of a building and “flamming on!” I’m not completely sold on this film.

But I will post some pics.

Here are some from the comic books:

Next, the lovely (and hot) Jessica Alba, along with the rest of the cast…

Please tell me if you think I should go see this movie. I want to know what you’re thinking.


4 thoughts on “One movie I probably will not see this summer is…

  1. flammable says:

    Someone posted this at a forum that I go to:

    Was able to see an advance screening yesterday, tickets for which were being given out outside of the Batman Begins movie. For frame of reference I will tell you that we thought Batman Begins was great, and enjoyed the 2 Spidey Movies as well as the Superman movies with Chris Reeve, whereas thought the Hulk was just OK and Daredevil was horrible.

    Anyway FF special effects were indeed amazing, but that is the only real positive thing I have to say about the movie. The plot was so-so, the acting stilted and the jokes mostly groaners. The best acting was by Michael Chicklis (from the Shield) who plays The Thing and I don’t care for him much usually. Interestingly enough one section of the audience laughed at most of the jokes anyway, but it turned out they were all from the Fox studio!

    The effects really were quite good and therefore worth seeing on a big screen. But if you want more than that from a movie…..

    ‘Nuff said…. 😉

    So if you’re looking for a plot, skip it…but if you’d like to see Jessica Alba’s hotness and some special effects, go for it. 😀

  2. socramforever says:

    Whoa! An advanced screening huh? They used to have those around here. That’s cool. Jessica Alba’s hotness is cool. That sucks about the story. I had a feeling they would mess it up.

    Oh well.

    It’ll still probably make a shit load of money and they’ll make a sequel to it.

  3. socramforever says:

    I think she’s about a year older than me. I remember first seeing her in Dark Angel (I never actually watched) my freshmen year of college. I was 18 and I remember that she was 19 years old when she was in that. So she’s pretty much like right behind me.

    I never watched a single episode of Dark Angel, I never had time, my first year of college I barely remember doing any work…I guess it can also be said for the other years too (accept for my last one, for my masters). I had the first episode taped (it was a two hour long show) and I meant to watch it, but shit happened and I didn’t. But I did however find it after my senior year of college during the summer. I taped over it. I couldn’t believe it was still on.

    Strangely enough I thought that we would never see her again…I guess you can’t keep a girl like that down. I barely ever see someone who comes out of a show that was cancelled again…usually they just disappear. You see them like twenty years later, aged and old.

    Good for her.

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