Joy Giovanni released from WWE

I don’t know who remembers, but I posted a pic of a WWE diva a while back (follow this link: Two pics actually, well she’s been released from the WWE, sadly…

There have been a lot of cuts from the WWE, about 20 of them, some of them very surprising some of them not shocking at all. Its sad when someone who puts their life on the line looses there job when the WWE is the only place you can actually make money in.

Anyway, Joy Giovanni never really did put her life on the line, she was just hot.

Here are a few pics to remind us of her:

Let’s hope the cuts that they make are wise and do not come back to haunt the WWE. Which it probably will when all their cuts show up on NWA-TNA.


PS here is the complete list thus far of people who have been released by the WWE:

WWE releases several Superstars
July 5, 2005

WWE has decided not to proceed with any renegotiations with Bubba and D-Von Dudley. We wish both Bubba and D-Von the best in all future endeavors.

Also, World Wrestling Entertainment has come to agreements on the release of the following Superstars. WWE would like to wish them the best in their future endeavors.

* Joy Giovanni
* Kenzo Suzuki
* Hiroko
* Matt Morgan
* Charlie Haas
* Jackie Gayda
* Marty Jannetty
* Dawn Marie
* Mark Jindrak
* Maven
* Shannon Moore
* James Yun (Akio)
* David Heath (Gangrel)
* Billy Kidman
* Spike Dudley
* Kevin Fertig (Mordicai)

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