Official WWE RAW Preview (7/11/05) – HBK, Diva Search, More

This is what we have to look forward to tomorrow night at Raw.

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Will HBK have an explanation?
July 11, 2005

The Fourth of July edition of RAW provided plenty of fireworks, but the fallout from the show could be even more exciting!

Hulkamaniacs everywhere were left shocked and appalled at the end of RAW Monday night as Shawn Michaels delivered brutal Sweet Chin Music to his supposed “favorite tag team partner,” Hulk Hogan. HBK just stared at the fallen Hogan as the crowd showered Michaels with deafening boos. Will HBK provide the fans with the method for his madness? Tune in to RAW to find out.

Sgt. Slaughter’s first ever Bikini Boot Camp has come and gone, and Elisabeth was the winner. The win was an important one as it gave the Diva hopeful immunity in the first round of voting for the 2005 RAW Diva Search. Tune in to RAW to find out if your favorite Diva made the cut or if she’s going home. You also won’t want to miss their next task.

Also, WWE Champion John Cena and Chris Jericho got into a war of words last Monday on the Highlight Reel, but it soon turned into a war of fisticuffs as the two Superstars had to be separated. Will their paths cross once again this Monday?

All this and more Monday at 9/8 CT only on Spike TV.

Sounds good. I’m hoping that because the original place for this show was going to be at the Garden that they would have planned a HUGE show for this one. I’m hoping that its great. I’ve never seen Shawn Michaels in action before. I’ve seen the Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H, Undertaker, I’ve even seen Mick Foley (after he retired) and Hulk Hogan, I’ve never seen Shawn Michaels. So I hope that he’s there.


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