Raw is Marcos….tomorrow

Here is a list of people I hope to see tomorrow:

Shawn Michaels–> Because I’ve never seen him in action

Triple H–> Even though he was on for the last like three years none stop, now he might actually have taken a vacation because of “over-exposure”, bitch better be there, I paid to see him.

Carlito Caribbean Cool–>Because he is the fucking man and I think he’s an up and coming star in the WWE

Eric Bishoff–> the true driving force behind WCW in its hey-day and now he’s been working for the WWE since late 2002 and I have never had the pleasure to see him.

Chris Jericho–> its been about four years since I’ve seen him and I think its about time I see him do well.

Matt Hardy–> because he no longer works for the WWE I will shit myself if he comes out on the last day that he cannot work for another company due to the WWE having a three month no compete clause. After July 11th he will be able to. I think this is a big date. If he shows up, that would be amazing.

Brock Lesnar–> even though I think he’ll be on smackdown!, I think he signed back up and they may want to put him on for a quick moment.

People I wish I had a chance to see but due to the draft I will not:


Christian–> because I think he’s the man also and I’m happy he was traded to Smackdown! so that he could possibly prosper on that roster.

and that’s it.

People I don’t really care if I see or not:

Kane–> because he sucks now

Edge–> because I’m not a big fan of his at all.

Hurricane and Rosey–> terrible tag team champions due to the WWE shitting on them and not giving them any exposure.

Jon Cena–> I don’t know why, but I don’t need to see him

I’m excited about tomorrow and I hope it is all great.


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