Raw is Marcos…was

FUCKING AMAZING. This was the best live show that I’ve seen from the WWE. Definately worth the fifty dollars that we spent on each ticket.

The show was not a show that would have done it justice from watching from home, its something that needed to be seen live. Great crowd, they were fucking loud and they reacted the way that a crowd should and I haven never had the pleasure of enjoying such a hot crowd. They booed when they needed too.

I will say that there were a lot of bullshit segments that were just filler, but it didn’t matter, it was still all good.

I’ll be posting pics from Hummerz camera once I get home tonight and I am able to dump them to the computer. I went nuts with his camera, I hope the pictures look just as good as how they look on the little screen on his camera. That would be amazing.

So many surprises happened last night, it was definately worth it. My throat hurts, I’m tired as shit and I felt that it was probably one of the best high lights of the summer so far (in terms of entertainment).

Here is the check list of people that I did see from the list of who I had wanted to see:

Shawn Michaels–> Not the match that I wanted to see, but he was pretty much the ending to the show and got a huge crowd reaction for when he came out. He challenged Hulk Hogan to a match at Summer Slam, and I can seriously see that being the main event above anything else.

Triple H–> Was there, he had a dark match after the show was over, it was an inter promotional match with JBL and Triple H vs Batista and John Cena. Great match. We were told about this during a commercial and people flipped. Melissa and Erin got all excited. And when Trips came out Melissa screamed her head off. I believe I have his entrance videoed so if I can later I’ll post it too.

Carlito Caribbean Cool–>is the fucking man, he’s going to be huge and I’m so happy he came out and he is definately on the right show. He’s a genius and should do very well on Raw if they don’t fuck him up.

Eric Bishoff–> did come out and got FUed by John Cena (who by the way did not get nearly as good of a reaction as Batista did when he came out–in a way its good to have moved Batista to Smackdown because he seems like a more established main eventer (with a Hell in a Cell match under his belt)and now that Cena is on Raw, he’ll have a lot of people to go through, Jericho (at Summer Slam) Triple H, and a heel Shawn Michaels).

Chris Jericho–> Mr. Bloodshot eyes, he looked like he was high as a mother fucker. His pyro didn’t go off either time he came out and really disappointed me. But its all good, he’s a great interviewer and I hope that they don’t just feed him to John Cena at Summer Slam. (I don’t see either John Cena vs Chris Jericho or Batista vs anyone on Smackdown could main event Summer Slam except for Michaels vs Hogan, so I hope that is the main event).

Matt Hardy–> although he was fired three months ago, he made his highly anticipated and highly teased return to probably the most shocking return of the night. No one was expecting him to come out. I wasn’t expecting him to come out at all because I thought they were going for Edge/Cena for Summer Slam and figured they would bring Hardy after that, but this will be big big big business because they are bringing in actual behind the scenes stories of actual events that happened back stage between Matt Hardy (and his long time girlfriend Amy AKA Lita) who cheated on him with his best friend Adam (AKA Edge) who just married his second wife. And now they are putting this out on the show because of how big it got on the internet and how powerful the voice of the audience got once they found out the truth behind why Matt Hardy was no longer on tv. He made his return and I stood up and chanted Hardy. DEAR GOD PLEASE DON’T LET THEM SCREW MATT HARDY. He needs to be kept big and huge and get raised to the top.

Rowdy Roddy Piper did show up to a huge ovation, I was shocked and nearly crap myself for this one too, but more for Matt Hardy and Triple H.

Amazing show.

On the movie rating scale I’ll give the show ten fucking stars ********** for uterly amazing the shit out of me and making me realize that I may just have to buy Summer Slam when it airs.

Or for those of you who know my new movie rating scale Four Thumbs up way fucking high (I grew two hands just to stick them up). God I hope someone taped it so that I can keep it. Amazing fucking show.

I’ll have a pic post later.

–Socram (the WORLD CHAMPION)

PS flammable, how do you post video again? E-mail me.

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