Raw is Marcos…pics

This week has been a crazy week, I have barely been able to get on my computer at home to post many pictures, I did grab a few however.

Here they are (click the thumbnails for a bigger image):

This is a titan tron shot of Lilian Garcia coming out first right before she sang the National Anthem

The Coach coming out to do commentating:

The Raw/Heat set

The special dark match after Raw went off the air had Batista and John Cena holding their titles high in front of the two men that they won them from

Probably my favorite pic came from two people I didn’t even really want to see. Sadly, the best pic came from a wrestler no one wanted to see (Kane) after Matt Hardy beat on Edge while he was walking out to the ring. Here is Kane blowing the pyro as Edge and Lita look on

I’m going to try and post more tonight or tomorrow whenever I get a chance. Some of them are fuzzy but other than that, I’ll choose the ones people might like to see.


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