Out with Melissa and Hummerz

So, yeah, its easy to say that the reason why I didn’t update last night was because of two reason, # 1 Melissa and I went out with Hummerz to Tiffany’s in Morris Plains and then went back to his house to see his rabbit…no that is not a sexual term for Hummerz’s junk, but his rabbit Thumper. He’s trying to get rid of it so if anyone wants it leave a message, I’ll try and get him to send me a pic of the rabbit so I can post it.

Anyway, last night was fun, good food, good times, and we’d love to do it again. Hummerz was his usually self and that just made the night even more fun. It was funny everytime someone would call him, whether they knew me or not he would say that he was out with me and Melissa. Fun stuff.

#2 Melissa’s left back tire on her Jeep Grand Cherokee was flat yesterday morning and we couldn’t do anything about it till around 9:30-10 at night. The guy didn’t come till about 11:20…it was a long night sitting out there.

Joe Byrnes is helping me rewrite the Ethan Ross script, but you probably wouldn’t recognize it because things are being changed a lot on it.

I’ll try to keep updating throughout the day.


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