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This small little article from lordsofpain.net explains it all when it comes to why the WWE product is in the shape that it is right now.

Here is the articlel:

WWE’s latest batch of writers is said to continue in the trend of having absolutely no wrestling experience. One of the new female writers, who has a history with Nickelodeon, actually asked John Bradshaw Layfield how the wrestlers keep the fake blood flowing from their heads. What’s even more shocking is that WWE has Court Bauer, one of the few writers with extensive pro wrestling knowledge, writing WWE Velocity.

Sources blame Stephanie McMahon for moving WWE as far away from “pure wrestling” as possible. She was said to have loved this week’s RAW as it had a large quotient of off-beat entertainment.

Exactly the reason why I am happy that NWA-TNA will be on Spike TV in October to help usher in a new era in profesional wrestling. I’ll be watching the first show to make sure that they have amazing rating and hopefully get moved to compete on Monday night to start the second Monday Night War.


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