Did anyone see the commercials for Stealth?

Stealth was a movie I had never heard of. I never saw rumors for it on line, it was some enigma that appeared on day. I believe the very first time I heard of it was about a month and a half ago when I was reading a Entertainment Weekly magazine and I was on the very last page–I know I was on the last page because they save the best for last, even if its not printed every week–and I was reading Stephen King’s column about summer movies and the name Stealth was there with him commenting that it looked like Top Gun with Stealth fighters. So I got curious but I couldn’t find it on-line. Then I got really interested and I was wondering what the fuck why can’t I find anything…

Probably about a two weeks later I saw that they would post the trailer on line and they kept putting a whole bunch of images on line. Kind of like this one:

Don’t worry, I’ll be posting more pics in just a second, but they kind look like UFOs or something. But I’m surprised for a film like this with an estimated one hundred and thirty million dollar budget (I looked it up on IMDB so it could be more or less, they actually put estimated as 130 mil–my guess it is a little less, but not by much) that they don’t pump (or didn’t pump) the ads a little better. I mean did anyone see the fucking comercials for this thing? I know I didn’t. And if they had it I probably would have remembered when it was coming out. I don’t think I’m that interested in seeing it, but I usually remember when a movie is coming out whether I’m going to see it or not–usually its because people call me to find out what’s coming out on Friday’s and I usually can tell them. But its been a bad summer for advertising. I mean because of big movies like Star Wars Episode III, Batman Begins (which broke all sorts of records for having the most advertisments for a film–in fact, the amount of money Warners spent on the advertisments exceeded the actual budget for a film(kind of like if it cost 120 million to make the damn thing, they spent about 130 million advertising for it) oh its not unheard of, when Waterworld came out they weren’t really worried about the 200 million dollars it cost to make it, they were worried about the 200 million it cost to advertise for it. That’s right Waterworld actually cost about 400 million dollars. I’m not saying its always the same, but its damn near close to it. I doubt they advertised too too much for Titanic, until after it started making money. They weren’t worried about making money at the time, most people at 20th Century Fox were actually trying to find new jobs. (don’t be fooled by the fact the Titanic actually had Paramount Pictures as its distributor in the beginning, 20th Century Fox forked up 150 million to make the film and asked Paramount to help out and they gave 50 million to finish the film (they also got half the gross of the film worldwide when it came back, so who do you think is still a little bitter about it?) That year, 1997 was the year that Speed 2: Cruise control came out and it cost over 150 million dollars and gross like 50 million dollars so they were all collecting their shit and getting ready to move on to another studio–wow I got completely side tracked…)and War of the Worlds, all of which were considered the big movies to move out of the way for. Fantastic 4, which was hoping to have the July 4th weekend simply because it would be cool to have Fantastic 4on July 4th had to move over when War of the Worlds took that spot. But a film like The Island, and in my opinion Stealth have been languishing in the background with barely any comercials toy knowledge. This is unheard of. I mean these are pretty expensive films to just be thinking people will go see them. But if they don’t know when they are coming out how can anyone go see them?

There has barely been any buzz about these films. I mean, The Island got a front pager and a huge article in Entertainment Weekly, but the week before the movie comes out is a litte too late. Freaking Batman Begins had the front cover last summer when they found out Christian Bale was going to be Batman and a little teenie article inside. That’s all it takes to create buzz. Buzz before the movie is even made is better than buzz after the movie flopped the first weekend at the theater, like The Island did. Maybe I’ll be surprised at the grosses this weekend to find The Island and Stealth both fighting for the #1 and 2 spots. But I have a feeling it’ll be a repeat of last week with Charlie and Crashers fighting for the top spot. Wedding Crashers and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, two movies that clearly got good advertising out there, they’ve been on top for the weeks that they have been out and they are pushing everyone else out. Hell, even my parents went to see Wedding Crashers last night (I have yet to get word to see what they thought) but everyone from Dave, to Patti, to Crazy Lil Italian have all gone to see it and have recommended it. I would love to see it, but its always a loosing battle going to movies now. I want to see War of the Worlds in the movie theater where it should be seen. But I’m not. I want to see Wedding Crashers, but I’m not. Blah blah blah.

Am I bitter about not seeing movies this summer? Hell yeah! I’m a film guy, I need to see it, not stay home. AHHHHH! Pull my fucking hair out of my head and make me bald before I succumb (I don’t think I spelled that right…) to fucking relity tv on Mtv or anything else on tv. That’s why when I’m stuck at home I’m stuck on the computer…unless we’re watching a DVD. But I don’t mind if its a dvd of something I originally saw IN THE MOVIE THEATER!!!!! I haven’t even seen the Kill Bill’s and everyone rags on me for that.

Oh well, this article wasn’t about me this was about Stealth, here are some more pics:

ohhhh! Jessica Biel….

Why is she standing with that guy…who is that? I’m here, I’m sitting down, come sit on my lap…

ohhhhh! Jamie Fox….he is sitting on my lap…I’m just kidding…

She’s so hot. Thank God she got away from doing that stupid show.

Yay for Jessica Biel! She’s hot!

I mean the movie doesn’t look too too bad. But that’s probably because Jessica Biel is in it.

Here is the link to the trailer:


The film was directed by Rob Cohen, the guy behind Daylight, Dragonheart, The Fast and The Furious and xXx, so I don’t know, it could be could but there are chances that it won’t be.

And here is the list of people who are in it:

Cast: Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, Sam Shepard, Joe Morton, Richard Roxburgh, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Rowan Schlosberg, Robert Taylor, Ian Bliss, Jason Chan, Megan Gale, Dong-suk Kim

I don’t know who Josh Lucas is, but Jessica Biel is in it and she was screwed this summer…

That’ll probably be my next rant article, why Jessica Biel, that hottest thing in hollywood right now, would get looked over for so many fucking movies this summer, from Batman Begins, to Fantastic Four, to Dukes of Hazzard and The Island all had her potentially playing the lead female character. But she was going to get a film this summer out in any way, and she did, I just hope it wasn’t the worst out of the four.

I love these rant article I write…tell me what you think.


PS Jessica Biel vs Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel Vs Jessica Alba Vs Scarlett Johannson should be coming soon too.

2 thoughts on “Did anyone see the commercials for Stealth?

  1. flammable says:

    “PS Jessica Biel vs Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel Vs Jessica Alba Vs Scarlett Johannson should be coming soon too.”

    That’s what I’m waiting for!!

    BTW in my humble opinion, Jessica Alba is far hotter than Jessica Biel…but that might be because I’m a sucker for the eyes. 😀

    Didn’t hear about Stealth until we arrived in Hollywood and were driving around, I saw a sign at a bus stop…The Island got a whole half side of a building and the most Stealth got was a billboard or two and a few bus stops. Even Wedding Crashers had more billboards, I think.

    Or maybe we kept driving around the same spots, I dunno.

  2. socramforever says:


    Hey to each his own, that’s why some people like apples and some people like pears. I like them both.

    See! they didn’t advertise right for these films this summer.

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