Chevy Warnock 1985-2005

Wednesday was the last day that there would ever be a car dealership called Chevy Warnock. It was actually a very sad day. The “Saturn” (now Chevy) people from down the straight came by and took pretty much everything that had a Chevy symbol on it (except for the floor mat that Hummerz snuck away and is now in his house somewhere–among other things that were snuck away).

I don’t look at it as being too sad of a situation, because I know that I’ll be in touch with the people who work there almost on a daily basis. Hummerz is the man and I hope to talk to him pretty much every day even if its just to see what’s going on or if he’s going to Tiffany’s. Joe Byrnes and I still have a film to finish shooting and we still have to finish up my script, so I’ll be calling him too.

This picture below is how I think Chevy should be remember. The second I saw it I saw the symbolism in it as “night falling on chevy” or something cheesy like that and I don’t think I was the only either. Please click the thumbnail for a bigger image.

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