Four Brothers

Yesterday, Melissa and I were invited for an impromptu Four Brothers show in East Hangover from Hummerz and Stephanie. So we went and it was a good movie. Better than Red Eye, not that Red Eye was a bad movie but it was entertaining for the time that we were in there and I haven’t thought about it again till just now while I’m writing this. But Four Brothers had a good story and good plot twists throughout the film. I was most impressed with Andre “3000” Benjamin, because I think his acting has become far better then his Be Cool role.

I’ll take this time out to reveal my new rating scale:

Middle Finger = Avoid at all cost
No Thumbs= Bad
Thumb Nail= Had some good stuff
One Thumb= Good
Two Thumbs = Great
Three Thumbs -Get off your ass to see this!

See, in my opinion, Pirates was a three thumb scale, while a movie like Resident Evil: Apocolypse had no thumbs, Blade 3 was a Thumb Nail, it had some good stuff, like Jessica Biel, but that was about it. Four brothers was a one thumb, it was good, and I’ll recommend it, I might buy it previously viewed, but I probably won’t go out on the first day its out on DVD and buy it.

It was good, well shot, fun movie, sad, but good. Everyone gets what they deserve at the end. I had a great time with Melissa, Hummerz and Steph and that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

I hope I get to do it again really really soon.


9 thoughts on “Four Brothers

  1. socramforever says:

    I think so too, it helps you to realize that I mean business.

    If it at all gets confusing please let me no, I’ll help to clarify what I mean

  2. flammable says:

    not at all…though it would be nice if you could place the rating scale in each entry that you review a movie, so we can refer back to it. that would be cool.

    otherwise, i think i can remember it. 🙂

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