Rome gets second season

This was from yesterday, but I left to see Four Brothers, here it is:

If you’ve spoken to me in the last three weeks and have brought up what you do on Sunday nights I’ll probably tell you that I watched Rome on HBO at 9pm. Probably the best show so far of the new season. The 100 million dollar television show is slightly confusing at first but once you start to get to know the characters you’ll notice how great of a show it will be if they don’t fuck up the series.

The following article explains how with just three episodes HBO has decided to renew the mega series, is the source:

HBO’s “Rome” Gets A Second Season
Posted: Monday September 12th, 2005 11:48pm
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
Author: Garth Franklin

HBO announced on Monday it has renewed new historical drama “Rome” for a second season says The Hollywood Reporter. Three episodes into its first year, “Rome” is already slated to begin production on 12 more episodes in March with an airdate sometime in 2007.

“Rome” is a co-production between HBO and the BBC. The opening episodes of the epic drama are set in 50 B.C. and deal with a variety of characters who play a part in events that lead to the power struggle and war between the forces of Pompey Magnus and Julius Caesar.

Ratings wise the series has looked strong in its first season. The opening episode took in nearly 3.9 million total viewers, with the second installment settling in at 3 million. Critical and subscriber reaction have been strongly positive so far, several already proclaiming it the best new show of the Fall season (Garth Note: “From the two episodes I’ve seen so far I would have to agree”).

The first twelve episodes cost somewhere around the $100 million, much of it going on the gigantic sets and production elements which are still standing or in storage in Italy at present pending this renewal announcement.

So, my recommendation for the next few weeks is to check out Rome on HBO, whenever they play it. Deanne got a rude awakening last night when she asked me if I was going to watch Family Guy and I responded with no, its on at the same time as Rome. I know its kind of like blasphemy, but its true. I’ll get Family Guy on DVD whenever the next couple of seasons come out, and I still want to see this Stewie Griffin movie that’s supposedly coming out. But I’ll choose Rome over Family Guy for the next couple of weeks.

Sorry Deanne.


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