Dr. Phil and Shaq to open Scary Movie 4

Its hard to believe that they were able to get away with what they said and did in the first Scary Movie, but to get to Scary Movie 4! That’s awesome. Even though the second one sucked balls and the third one didn’t even have the creative minds of the Wayan brothers to help it (instead it had old school spoofer David Zucker who did Airplain! and the Naked Gun movies–hence the reason why Leslie Nelson was the president in the Scary Movie 3). I miss spoofs like this, I wish that Mel Brooks would come up with something to show all of these people who’s the boss of the spoof.

Anyway, here is an article from cinescape magazine about the beginning to Scary Movie 4:

Movie News
Dr. Phil, Shaq Open SCARY MOVIE
Dateline: Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Source: ET Online

Dr. Phil and Shaq will star in the opening scene of the upcoming SCARY MOVIE 4. The two will be chained together a la a scene from SAW.

Dr. Phil told ET Online, “It all takes place in this nasty, filthy bathroom [where] Shaq and I are chained up together and the way out is you’ve got to cut body parts off to get loose, so he and I are wondering which one of us will wind up doing it.”

The film once again stars Anna Faris and opens in theaters in April 2006.

Anna Faris is back at it again. She’s a little hottie I think. I looked her up and I got some of these pics:

I really like that first pic up at the top. Interesting to note that Anna Faris is actually naturally blonde and she only dyed her hair to play the Sydney Prescott spoof Cyndie in the first Scary Movie (SM).

According to the IMDB.com page for Scary Movie 4 it seems that the ever dying Regina Hall character will be back yet again in the 4th movie. She was the one who was killed off in the first SM in the movie theater because she kept talking during the movie and everyone stabbed her. I don’t know if she died in the second one, but I know that she definately died in the third one because there was a funeral for her.

I’ll probably will go see this film. Depends on how funny it looks. EvKoz will probably go see this one too and think it is the best thing since the last one. Ev, give it up, the best one was the first one, bottom line.


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