Red Baron

So, Melissa and Jenna are gone, on their way home to South Jersey for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Me, I’m here sitting at the computer waiting relaxing, just got back home form dropping Jenna off at Honeywell and also stopping to get gas at Dean’s in Morristown ($2.09 a gallon regular but you can only pay cash…shady shady), as well as stopping at Acme to get something for a small lunch since I haven’t eaten anything all day.

Now what I bought its cooking in the microwave as I type this is a Red Baron deep dish single pepperoni pizza. I’ve never had a Red Baron pizza before and I can remember as far back as my freshmen year of college seeing my neighbor Rich bringing these bad boys into the dorms. I’ve alway wanted to try them. I see them all the time and I always want to buy them, but I have no real reason to buy them, especially when Melissa and I are wandering around Target and I see them in the freezers I always playfully ask if we should get them and we never get them.

Well, today is the day that I try the Baron out. I just heard the microwave beep so my pizza is done, I’ll be back with a response in a little bit.

Here’s the companies symbol:


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