Ocean’s Thirteen?

I was a little tired yesterday, went with Joe Byrnes to talk some business stuff and got home and was exhausted. Today, I continued to subbed (as I’ve been doing all week) and came straight home to relax. I need to start working on my website but I find that I am too tired to do much after the whole day. Most people don’t realize how much teaching takes out of you. They just think that you get in early leave early what’s the big deal. Those people should try teaching one day and then they’ll see. I have more respect for teachers after doing student teaching last year than I ever did before.

Anyway, moving on, http://www.darkhorizons.com has an article about a possible third Ocean film, check it out:

“Ocean’s Thirteen” Plans Underway
Posted: Wednesday January 4th, 2005 6:11pm
Source: Variety
Author: Garth Franklin

Producer Jerry Weintraub is in the early stages of plotting a third chapter of the “Ocean’s Eleven” franchise with director Steven Soderbergh and his Section Eight partner George Clooney reports Variety.

Aim is to put the pic, currently titled “Ocean’s Thirteen” in production later this year. Brian Koppelman and David Levien have just delivered a script.

Weintraub’s production company is also prepping a January 31st production start on the Andy Fleming-directed “Nancy Drew”.

Now, I haven’t even seen Ocean’s Twelve, Melissa’s grandmother gave it to us and I’ve tried to watch it and find it very painful. One day I’ll watch it, maybe before Thirteen comes out. I think Ocean’s Eleven was amazing and should not have been touched if the sequel was going to be as crappy as it was.

What are your thoughts on a possible Ocean’s Thirteen? Write back.


PS I’m also in the process of starting to write some scripts, but like the website and some e-mails (I have a massive amount of e-mails that and responses that I just haven’t felt like doing anything with, I don’t know, I’m just out of it recently) I just haven’t felt up to it.

17 thoughts on “Ocean’s Thirteen?

  1. anonymous says:

    Ocean’s 11 is my favorite movie of all time. Although “Ocean’s 12” wasn’t in any way as great as the original, it was still “okay.” I would love to see a third one get made…only if it has a solid script and cast. ~evkoz (PS: I’m available if they need more actors)

  2. anonymous says:

    Ocean’s 11 is my favorite movie of all time. Although “Ocean’s 12” wasn’t in any way as great as the original, it was still “okay.” I would love to see a third one get made…only if it has a solid script and cast. ~evkoz (PS: I’m available if they need more actors)

  3. socramforever says:

    Too many movies that were great but have sequels that just suck. I especially hate it when they make direct to home video movies on not only bad movies but good movies that warranted a good sequel. Toy Story 2 almost went direct to home video, but then some genius looked at it and decided to pump it out into the theater and they got even more money out of it then they did the first one.

  4. flammable says:

    Something tells me that if Toy Story 2 went direct to video, it still would have sucked somehow.

    Oh, how about that Disney buying Pixar thing? Wow, man.

  5. socramforever says:

    Yeah, Steve Jobs now owns Disney–or at least a part of it. I think it was a bad move. I think Pixar should have looked around. I think that when Disney is done with Pixar, its going to be turned into a bitch company making stupid movies…

  6. socramforever says:

    I don’t think he can…he owns part of Disney…maybe now Disney will have an apple in between both of the Mikey ears that it always has, or even in the castle…

  7. flammable says:

    To: All Disney staff
    From: Executive Committee
    Re: Organizational Changes

    As many of you are aware, Disney recently acquired Pixar, which has resulted in changes to our corporate governance. After extensive consultations with our revised Board of Directors, we would like to share the following announcements, starting with changes to our trademark animated characters:

    Mickey Mouse has long been Disney’s most recognizable ambassador. However, our Board now feels that the two suspender buttons on his shorts are too confusing; Mickey will henceforth be a one-button mouse. Mickey’s mouth will also be enhanced with a blue tooth and rolling your finger across his spherical nose will enable 360-degree scrolling freedom. Pulling on Mickey’s tail will no longer hurt him; it will gracefully detach using patented magnetic connector technology.

    Mickey’s companion Minnie Mouse has also been incredibly popular, and today we’re announcing that she will be replaced by a new model, nano Mouse. Nano Mouse is a half the size of Minnie Mouse, thin enough to be on the cover of Vogue, can use many of Minnie’s accessories and – please note, animators – will not be permitted to skip.

    Each year, millions of families come to our renowned theme parks to interact with our beloved costumed characters. However, our Board feels that the haphazard way in which they circulate the grounds is inefficient. Now children will be free to visit one of their animated pals at the snow-white Goofy Bar, where they will be able to receive attention in real time. Goofy’s face has also been redesigned in a way that, our attorneys advise us, bears only coincidental resemblance to our former CEO Michael Eisner.
    In other theme park news, guests who have grown weary walking the expanses of our attractions will now be able to use new Walkomator technology to automate repetitive steps. Our popular attraction “Pirates of the Caribbean” will be renamed “Licensed Users of the Caribbean” effective immediately. A specially priced family pack will be available. Our home entertainment division, Buena Vista Entertainment, will now be called Buena Leopard Entertainment. In addition, for a limited time, the famous “mouse ears” caps that have long graced the heads of Mouseketeers will come with 100 iTunes songs; we will soon announce a partnership with a major cell phone provider to distribute these 100-song caps.

    Disney cruise ships will no longer be permitted to sail into any ports that use old technology, such legacy ports are too expensive to maintain. Rather, we will insist that any ports wishing to accommodate our ships include a new docking connector that the company will license for a reasonable fee. New hydraulics technology included on the boats will enable them to bounce a few times as they are being launched from the dock.

    Finally, we regret to inform you that the computers controlling the cryogenic chamber containing the frozen remains of our founder have been replaced with computers running Mac OS X, and now, sadly, no longer freezes.

    (From Engadget http://www.engadget.com/2006/03/01/switched-on-when-you-wish-upon-a-star/ )

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