Tristan & Isolde

Just got back from seeing Tristan & Isolde, it was good, nothing special, I wouldn’t see it again, but it wasn’t terrible, I’ve seen terrible, this was far from it. It told a good story, one that we’ve all seen before countless times. I don’t think they should have billed it as “Before Romeo and Juliette” I see why they would compare it, but I don’t think the whole thing should be based on that.

Seven out of ten stars. *******

For being the first movie I see this year it wasn’t a bad way to start (better than last year with White Noise). Except those three girls sitting behind me I told to be quiet. Seriously, just keep your damn mouths shut!


2 thoughts on “Tristan & Isolde

  1. socramforever says:

    I only heard of it through comercials and now its actually gone from the movie theaters. Nothing special. Very typical.

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