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Man! People are always in a rush to bring out their DVDs, I think that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is still out in the movie theaters if I’m not mistaken…wait let me check…nope, I guess not, I just checked yahoo.com for movies, listing and showtimes 😛 and they didn’t have it in any place near me here in Randolph or near Livingston.Goblet of Fire, if many of you can remember was my favorite Harry Potter (I guess the order of the Harry’s for me would be 4, 2, 1, 3–I didn’t really like the third one, it was a little too dark, not enough magic.) The fourth film hit it right on the spot. Anyway, in March the fourth DVD comes out and here are the specs, brought to you by Darkhorizons.com:

“Goblet of Fire” DVD Details
Posted: Monday January 16th, 2006 10:23pm
Source: Warner Bros.
Author: Garth Franklin

“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” is set to debut on DVD March 7th in a two-disc Special Edition that includes never-before-seen footage, conversations with the cast, interactive challenges, making-of featurettes and an exclusive look at the film from behind-the-scenes.

The second disc will include additional scenes from the film, an interview with the three main kids (Radcliffe, Watson, Grint), four interactive challenges, a game demo, trading cards, a Hogwarts timeline, and web links. There’s also six featurettes covering the film’s three separate Tri-Wizard tasks, the Yule Ball, Voldemort and the the other Tri-wizard competitors.

The $282 million box office smash will be available on a single-disc DVD for $28.98 SRP in full frame and widescreen. The 2-Disc Special Edition DVD will be available at $30.97 SRP and the “Harry Potter Special Edition 4-pack” at $73.92.

Hmmm…I usually get a boner from the special edition versions of DVDs, but this one just looks like it wants to steal money from you by throwing some things at you, I may just go with the single disk version, unless of course I see some good reviews about the double disk special edition dvd.

I guess this means that I should hold on to some of my gift cards that I received from the kids after student teaching was finished…unless of course someone would like to give me a IOU for my birthday which is coming up on the 28th (in 12 days) yay!

I’m just kidding…or am I? :O


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