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I didn’t see most of this, I saw the very beginning and then the whole TLC match for the WWE Championship and I must say they should have given the title to Ric Flair that would have been massive. Such a great TV match for the title, not many spots, but you don’t want to put Ric Flair in many spots seeing how old he is and you also don’t want your main champion to get injured a week into his title reign.

The following RAW results are from www.rajah.com and the pics are from www.WWE.com:

RAW Report 1/16/06 Raleigh, NC

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The show started with a brief Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute before the opening music.

After the pyro they show a recap of Smackdown’s Battle Royal for the World Heavyweight Title where Angle won.

Edge comes out with Lita in a shirt cut to her navel. She had to be careful not to fall out (she had to have been double sided taped into it or something, there’s no way it would stay there on it’s own).

Edge says he hear people are calling him a cheap Champ who stole the title from Cena. He says he won it fair and square by using his Money In The Bank Clause at the right time. He stand before us as the Champ. He can now do what he wants, when he wants. He calls the shots.

Last week he wanted to have hot sex in the ring. But some people were offended at Lita’s hot body being stripped down. Get used to it, he’s the ‘R’ Rates Superstar. Last week’s RAW was the highest rated in two years. 25 million PPV on WWE.com after hearing he won the title.

For those who don’t like it, there’s consequences to pay. Like Flair who stuck his nose in last week – he paid. They replayed the One Man Con-Chair-Tow. “So much fo Flair country.” Later Edge is going to finish Flair off in a TLC match.

But right now he wants Lita to finish him off. Edge calls for a chair and Lita takes Edge’s shirt off. Edge sits in the chair and Lita stratles him.

Angle’s music hits stopping the kink in mid-flow. Edge tells Angle the people are saying he sucks. Angle says they were not speaking to him, but to Lita. Angle says that Edge handed over the contract after Cena had been in the ring for 45 minutes. Now Edge needs to prove, in the ring, that he’s a champ.
Angle says his contract with RAW was up on January first. He was going to renegotiate, then he heard about Batista’s injury, so he went over there and won the title.
Edge tells Angle that he had to go over there because he hadn’t been able to beat Cena the past couple months. Whereas Edge beat Cena in two minutes the first time he faced him.
Both guys are riled up and Angle says that Edge should try to beat him, now, in the ring. They both look ready to beat the crap out of each other.

– Commercial

Vince climbs in the ring saying he’s not going to have two champs beating the hell out of each other tonight. That Edge will be in a TLC match with Flair. Vince tells Edge and Lita to leave. He tells Lita to cover herself up.

Then he turns to Angle. He tells Angle that he will be facing HBK, but not for the title. BUT, if HBK loses his contract will be terminated.
Vince then calls HBK out for the match – now!

HBK comes down the ramp, he and Vince stare each other down at the bottom of the ramp. Vince mockingly claps for HBK with a smirk, and then heads up the ramp.

– Commercial

HBK is chasing Daivari around the outside, then gets in and Chops Angle. He gets Angle in a Side Headlock on the mat. Angle gets up, but HBK drops him with a Shoulder Block for two. Angle is back in the Side Headlock. Angle gets to his feet and HBK into a corner. Angle slams shoulders into HBK’s gut. HBK turns it around with Chops.
HBK tries to land a Double Axe Handle, but Angle catches him and hits a German. Angle then hits three more Germans for a two count. Angle locks on Body Scissors twice for two – two counts. Angle keeps the Body Scissors on, but HBK elbows out. HBK throws more Chops in a corner. Angle plays corner pinball with HBK until HBK hits the mat. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, HBK reverses it into a DDT. Both men are down. HBK is finally able to cover Angle for two. Shoulder Block lands Angle on the mat.
HBK goes to bounce off the ropes, but Daivari pulls them down landing HBK on the outside. HBK gets pissed and hits Sweet Chin Music on Daivari. But he takes his eyes of Angle who rolls from the ring and hits an Angle Slam onto the floor.

– Commercial

Angle has HBK in a Head Lock. HBK fights out and throws Chops. HBK gets tossed hard into a corner and hits the mat. A Scoop Slam and Angle gets two. Angle sets HBK up top and tries for a Belly To Belly, but HBK tosses him off. Angle runs up again and gets pushed off. Angle runs up a third time and hits an Angle Slam from the top for two. Angle locks on the Ankle Lock, HBK rolls through into a cover for two.
They exchange Chops, then HBK lands a Flying Forearm. Angle tries again for the Ankle Lock, but HBK gets out and hits an Inverted Atomic Drop. HBK climbs, but Angle rolls out of the way of the Elbow.
Angle gets up and pulls down his straps. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but HBK turns in into a Sunset Flip. Angle locks on the Ankle Lock. HBK is trying to get to the ropes. Daivari is taunting HBK. HBK slaps him. Daivari rushes the ring with a chair. Angle lets go of HBK and yells at Daivari for being in the ring. Angle has a hold of one side of the chair, Daivari has the middle and the ref has the other end. Daivari tries to pull the chair out of the ref’s hands and slams it into Angle’s chest. This gives HBK the opportunity to roll Angle up for the three count.
Angle is screaming at Daivari who says it was an accident and says he’s sorry. Daivari tries to walk away and Angle grabs him. Angle says HBK was tapping out and Daivari screwed it up. Daivari apologizes again, but then say Angle is still champ because of him.
Angle is pissed and gives Daivari an Angle Slam. Daivari rolls from the ring and hits the floor.

– Winner: HBK – and he still has his job!

– Commercial

The camera is on the announcers showing WWE Unlimited. Angle is outback saying he won the title himself on Friday. He told Todd that if he sees Daivari to tell him he sucks and his managerial skills are no longer needed.

Recap of Edge in an old TLC match. The announcers are talking about how Edge has been in many TLC matches and Flair is the underdog.

Maria is outback with Masters. She says that he was in the Chamber and he and Carlito worked as a team. She then shows a bit of video where Carlito turned on him. Maria says it was mean that Carlito did that too him. Tonight he faces Cena in a Masterlock Challenge, does he think he can beat Cena?
Masters says he would have beat Cena if not for Carlito. Carlito will have to deal with Masters at RR. He says he’s going to be the youngest Rumble winner and the youngest Champ ever. Cena need to realize that he can’t break out fo the Masterlock.

In the ladies locker room Ashley and Trish are talking about Mickie. Ashley is pissed and disgusted with Mickie. The three are tagging against the three heels tonight. Trish calls them ‘The Three Skankateers’. Trish tries to remind Ashley how good Mickie is in the ring. Ashley agrees but says she’s obsessed. Trish agrees that Mickie’s is obsessed, but…
They shut up when Mickie enters. Mickie asks if they were talking about her. She gets all upset and says she was obsessed all week about what she did to Ashley. She asked for Ashley’s forgiveness. Ashley grudgingly agreed.
Mickie got all excited and hugged them saying she was so excited they were going to team tonight.

– Commercial

Chris Masters music is playing and he comes out acting like he’s the best thing since sliced bread – so thrilling (yawn). There doesn’t seem to be much pop or heat for him – sad, very sad. He takes a mic and says it’s time for his Masterlock Challenge. He says he issued the challenge to prove he’d have beaten Cena if not for Carlito (virtually no crowd reaction). He then introduces the ‘former’ WWE Champ.
Cena comes out and the crowd sounds like it pops, not much heat.
Masters says he’s impressed Cena had the guts to take the challenge. The crowd starts chanting for Cena, some boos. Cena takes off his shirt to lots of cheers and some boos.
Cena slowly sits, watching Masters closely. Masters tries to put it on and they jockey for position. Finally he locks it on and whips Cena around. ‘Cena’ chants from the crowd. Cena bends over picking up Masters, then slams him into the ring post. Cena then tries to loosen one arm at a time. Cena can’t seem to get out of it, he’s on his knees.
Then he gets his second wind and gets back up. Suddenly Edge is there taunting Cena with his belt. Cena looks like he was breaking the Masterlock when Edge hit him in the head with the belt.
Masters drops Cena and leaves. Edge leaves the ring and walks up the ramp with Lita while yelling at Cena. Cena is sitting in the ring looking confused and bleeding from his forehead.

– Commercial

HBK is getting his knee stretched out when Vince screams his name. He asks how he keeps pulling that type of luck out of his hat? Vince then tells him his luck will run out. He then tells him to gather his things as he will be escorted out of the building.
Vince then goes over to Flair and says that tonight he could break another record by winning the title tonight. Vince isn’t mad that Flair interrupted the celebration last week, or that he has a concussion, Flair’s getting rewarded.
Candice comes up and asks Vince to watch her match and critique it ‘move for move’ as she unbuttons her jacket. He says he will, and after she should come see him and they can talk over that thing they were planning on talking about. She does her little dance and leaves.

Trish, Ashley and Mickie come out to the ring. Trish and Ashley are in hot pink and black. Mickie is in a red top and black miniskirt.

Candice, Victoria and Torrie come out to the ring wearing turquoise and black. They play a video of Candice talking about her next Go Daddy ad.
Victoria and Trish start it off. Victoria gets an Armbar on Trish and slams her to the mat by her hair. When Trish gets up she gets a kick to the gut and then thrown into a corner. Trish get her elbow up into Victoria’s face. Trish gets up on Victoria’s shoulders and does a Victory Roll for a two count.
Trish slams Victoria to the mat and throws a bunch of punches. Trish then gets pushed into a corner and jumps up so her ankles are on Victoria’s shoulders. Trish hits Head Scissors on Victoria sending her flying. Trish kicks Victoria in the gut and calls for Stratusfaction. Candice rushes the ring to stop her. Trish gets her ankles around Candice’s neck as well as having an arm around Victoria’s neck. She sent them both flipping with a move that I don’t know the name of, but Eddie used to do it.
Trish runs over and tags in Ashley even though Mickie’s hand is out. Mickie looks a little upset about it. Ashley rushes Victoria but gets slammed back into the corner and Mickie. Mickie had been looking at Trish to find out why she hadn’t been the one tagged and got thrown to the floor because of it.
Mickie gets to her feet and looks around confused trying to figure out what happened. Victoria Irish Whips Ashley. Ashley ducks under Victoria’s Clothesline but is tackled by Mickie who rushes the ring. Mickie blindly grabs Ashley and slams her to the mat with Mickie on top. It’s hard to tell if Mickie went specifically after Ashley, or if she went in blindly, or is she missed Victoria and accidentally got Ashley, or even if she thinks Ashley knocked her down on purpose. She pounds away on Ashley slamming her head into the mat over and over by her hair. She’s screaming and yelling as if she was crazy. Trish reaches in and pulls Mickie out of the ring by her ankle.
While Trish is outside screaming at Mickie for attacking Ashley, Ashley is in the ring by herself. Victoria grabs her and hits the Widows Peak. When Victoria gets Ashley up over her shoulder it looks as though Ashley either had a nip slip or very close to one. I don’t know how she stayed in her top through that one. Victoria covers Ashley for the win.

– Winners: Victoria, Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle

Video recap of a 2000 TLC Match.

– Commercial

RVD promo.

Carlito is in the ring. He doesn’t understand why everyone is so excited about the return of RVD. He says he wasn’t impressive the last time he was on RAW. He showed a video of how Carlito attacked an injured RVD. Carlito says he made sure RVD was out even longer. He won’t hesitate to do it again if RVD gets in his way.
Carlito says he almost won the Chamber match and will win the Rumble. There is no one, RAW or Smackdown who can put Carlito over the top.
Kane’s music hits and he comes stomping to the ring. Carlito attacks him fast. Kane wraps his hand around Carlito’s neck, but Carlito poke him in the eyes. Carlito bounces off the ropes and runs straight into Kane’s boot. Kane then grabbed on of Carlito’s apples and shoves it in his mouth. He jams it right into Carlito’s mouth and then picks him up and tossed him over the ropes. Kane’s just stands there grinning as the fire erupts from the corners.

– Winner – though it wasn’t a real match: Kane

Outback Vince is in his office. A crew member says there’s a woman who wants to see him. Vince tells him that Candice has the hots for him. He then tells the guy to send her in to see him in a few minutes.

– Commercial

Vince uses breath spray, takes off his jacket, tie and unbuttons the his shirt. He turns his back and says he just wants to feel her presence. He undoes his belt and tries to do Candice’s dance. He turns around to see Shelton and his Mama.
Vince freaks and Mama is ‘interested’. She’s not happy that Shelton isn’t wrestling tonight. Vince says he will put him in a match. Shelton tries to interrupt, but Mama tells him the grown ups are talking. She tells him to go get ready for his match.
When he leaves Mama tells Vince to let her know when he’s ready for a ‘real woman’, “chocolate thunder, a little brown sugar, baby.” Vince freaks and stumbles all over himself.

Video of a 2001 TLC Match

– Commercial

Shelton’s music hits and he comes to the ring with Mama. They get in the ring arguing the whole time. His opponent is Big Show who is coming to the ring laughing. Shelton and Mama look shocked.
Shelton hides behind his Mama as Show gets in the ring. Shelton tells her to give Show a piece of her mind. Go ahead, give Show a piece of her mind, he’s just tall. The whole while Mama and Shelton are slowly backing away from Show who is advancing. They are finally backed into a corner. Show hold the ropes for Mama who takes the hint and leaves the ring. She tells Shelton that he’s on his own and to do what he can.
Shelton throws some punches until Show lands a Sidewalk Slam. Show seems to have hurt his hand doing it. He slams the hand into the ring post. Shelton leapt into the broken hand, but Show couldn’t slam him with it. Shelton flew as show who caught him and hit a Fallaway Slam. The momentum rolled him from the ring. Show went outside and tossed Shelton over the top rope.
Before show can get back in the ring HHH appears and attacks Show. They battle their way away from the ring as the ref counts Show out.

– Winner: via count out Shelton Benjamin

Recap of a 2002 TLC Match.

– Commercial

Video of Stacy on Dancing With The Stars. She’s doing quite well on the show. Last week she and her partner were the top dancers. She’s amazing to watch on the dance floor, absolutely beautiful and so graceful.

Flair’s music hits and he comes to the ring. Flair’s daughter Ashley is in the front row to see her dad wrestle. He doesn’t look as up as usual.
Edge and Lita come to the ring. Lita is wearing a different shirt. Guess she couldn’t cause trouble in the match without fear of another boob slip in the shirt she had been wearing.
A loop lowers from the ceiling and the ref attaches the belt to it. It raises back up high.
Flair backs Edge into a corner with punches. Edge fights his way out and drops an elbow. Edge gets a ladder and hits Flair in the head with it. He opens the ladder and places Flair in the middle length wise. He closes the ladder and then slams it a couple times with a chair. Edge pulls him out and stomps him out of the ring.
Flair hits a bunch of Chops. Flair Chops Edge over the barrier and into the crowd. Edge throws Flair back over into the ring area and Suplexes him on the floor. Edge gets a table and sets it up. Lita gets a table. Edge is throwing punches to Flairs head. He puts Flair on the table with a chair under his head. Edge climbs on the announce table planning to give him a Flying Con-Chair-Tow. Flair reaches up and grabs Edge by the family jewels.

He Chops and punches Edge before flinging him off the announce table and into the barrier. Lita jumps on Flairs back, but he just flips her onto the floor. Flair runs face first into a chair. Edge stomps Flair and then sets him up on a table. Flair is bleeding at this point.
The refs yell at Lita to stay away from Flair and Edge yells back, “Hey, she’s my wife!” (Classy as ever Adam. I know he’s in character, but it still makes my skin crawl.)
Lita is holding Flair on the table as Edge throws a tall ladder into the ring. Edge sets up the ladder and climbs. Lita is screaming at the refs who are arguing with her. Edge gets to the top and flies down to land, cross body, on Flair. They crash through the table, Lita moves just in time. Flair’s daughter is crying and begging her father to get up. (Hello, he’s been doing this since before she was born. As if she’s never seen her father in a match before. Get real, are we supposed to believe her?!?)

– Commercial

Flair is drenched in blood and there is blood all over the place. Flair opens a ladder and puts Edge in it crossways. Flair climbs and when he lands he slams a chair into the ladder. Flair nails Edge with a chair a couple times. Flair lays the ladder over Edge and slams it over and over with a chair. He’s focusing on one of Edge’s knees.
Edge gets up and is immediately Chopped to the mat. Flair climbs a ladder in the corner. Edge climbs the other side. Edge Superplexes Flair over the top of the ladder – Flair left a big splat of blood on the mat. Edge climbs the ladder in the corner. Flair is up and standing. Edge’s Mistle Dropkick lands short.
Edge nails Flair over the head with a chair. Edge pulls the ladder into the middle of the ring and starts to climb. He puts his hand on the belt. Flair pushes the ladder backward sending Edge over the top rope and through a table. Lita screams loudly.
Flair sets up the ladder in the middle. Flair climbs the ladder, but Lita pulls him down. Flair pushes her to the mat and locks on the Figure 4 Leglock. She screams even more. Edge is still on the floor with broken table around him. Flair climbs the ladder again, but Edge is in the ring. Edge climbs the other side. Edge throws punches knocking Flair from the ladder. Edge reaches up and gets the belt down.
Edge climbs down hugging the belt. Flair gets to his feet and Edge gets up. Edge Spears Flair. Edge leaves the ring and comes back with two chairs. He rolls Flair over onto one chair. The crowd starts chanting for Cena. Edge is about to his the Con-Chair-Tow when Cena runs down the ramp.
Cena tackles Edge beating the crap out of him. He throws Edge in a corner and punches him in the head a number of times. Lita comes up behind Cena to hit him with a chair. He turns before she can. She drops the chair and rolls from the ring. Edge take the opportunity to leave the ring.

– Winner: Edge

The last match, the TLC (Tables, Ladders and Chairs) match was great, like I said before. I do wish Flair had won the championship, but that was the purpose of the match, to make you wish someone else had won. So far I think Edge is doing a great job at being champion and its also making John Cena look good too, he doesn’t need the championship to make him look good, he just needs to chase the title just like Stone Cold Steve Austin did a few years back.

I don’t like the way that they went with Angle changing to Smackdown, pretty lame. His contract came up? Why not just say that he wanted it, or something else, I’ll check the internet to see if anyone else thinks that it was a stupid explanation.

Pretty good show overall, I’m happy I only saw the beginning and the end, because until the Rumble, I don’t see them putting on any stelar matches in between the beginning of the show or the end of the show. They will probably all be filler matches until the actual Rumble. Triple H and Big Show are still fueding, although the reason why Triple H jumped the Big Show is still in question in my mind, I don’t see the point, Triple H won his match, Show didn’t, shouldn’t Show have jumped Triple H?

Anyway, here is a list of matches that were on Raw from www.wwe.com:

Shawn Michaels def. World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle (non-title match)
Master Lock Challenge with John Cena interrupted by WWE Champion Edge
Victoria, Torrie & Candice def. Trish, Mickie & Ashley
Shelton Benjamin def. Big Show (count-out)
WWE Champion Edge def. Ric Flair (Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match)

Good stuff. Hopefully next week is just as good.


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