…and the rusty music video

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15 thoughts on “…and the rusty music video

  1. socramforever says:

    really? I don’t think its them, but it could be another Long Beach band. All the Long Beach County bands sound similar. Did you know that Bradley Knowles (I forgot if that was the actual spelling) was friends with Gwen Stafani and No Doubt and actually helped them and up until recently never did anything for Sublime even after Bradley died? If you download the song Saw Red (I think that’s it) there is a version where she sing with him. And recently there was a tribute cd compiled of Sublime and she and No Doubt did Saw Red for it.

  2. socramforever says:

    you got the tribute album?

    send it my way…

    I’ve been having some trouble with that thing you sent me to get access to your files, I don’t think its letting me on…

  3. flammable says:

    Yeah, it might need some reconfiguring. We gotta fix that one night…I found a way to make the whole thing easier to use.

    Also, it was down for a couple days, too. That might have been it.

    Definitely though we gotta work on that, there’s lots there.

  4. socramforever says:

    that would be great. I wish that you could come and re do my computer again like you did that one day last year. I think its needs to be made new again…

  5. flammable says:

    Oh man…you know, been using the same system myself since last April, too.

    I’d be happy to do it, but I think the hard part is finding the time…maybe once I’m driving (soon?) I can take a trip up.

    In the meantime, use Norton and keep most everything up to date…and run Ad-Aware and Spybot every couple of weeks.

  6. socramforever says:

    I’ve been trying, is it bad that I never shut the computer off? I just restart every now and then but I don’t shut it off.

  7. socramforever says:

    just making sure…I shut it off completely this weekend for three days, and it seems to be happier with me now…so that’s always a good thing.

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