Guess what!

I don’t know what Melissa is going to bug me about anymore…because today we got engaged…she got her ring.

Yes, its my birthday, and she and no one saw this one coming. I bought it yesterday hoping to hold off on it till April (17th, our fifth year anniversary) but I knew I couldn’t, at all. And then my mom told me that she and my father got engaged on my father’s birthday and that solidified. I was doing it on my birthday. So…my birthday used to be on this day…lol…I’m so happy! Melissa is so happy! We’re so happy! Peanut Chew just wants more food.

I put the ring box in Peanut Chew’s cage, because I knew that was the first place Melissa goes in the morning and she saw it. The look on her face was amazing. And the reaction was perfect. I knew I wasn’t going to get much wording in. I was able to get “Will you…” and she screamed out “YES!!!!”

I love Melissa, and I just want to share this with all of you.

I’ll post some pictures up later of The Ring and Melissa.

This is a conversation with Evkoz like fifteen minutes after I proposed to Melissa:

evkozfdu: happy birthday!

Auto response from Socramforever: 24…:-D

Auto response from evkozfdu: I’m around…somewhere…

Leave a message or call the cell…

Socramforever: thanks

Auto response from evkozfdu: I’m around…somewhere…

Leave a message or call the cell…

Socramforever: guess what
evkozfdu: what?
Socramforever: I proposed to Melissa
Socramforever: 😀
evkozfdu: NO WAY?
Socramforever: yes
evkozfdu: congrats! really
Socramforever: yes
evkozfdu: AND?????
Socramforever: YES!!!!!!
evkozfdu: OH WOW!!! WOW WOW WOW
evkozfdu: congrats
Socramforever: Thank you
Socramforever: call melissa’s cell
evkozfdu: i was going to propose, but i guess you beat me to it
evkozfdu: i will
Socramforever: haha
evkozfdu: this is amazing

I’ll probably even try to post some video of it, I got in on tape.


Melissa is now my fiance!!!!


3 thoughts on “Guess what!

  1. anonymous says:

    Hi Marcos and Melissa –

    Marcos happy birthday!

    CONGRATULATIONS – to both you of you!! I can’t wait to hear all the details on Monday!!

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