Sunday Night PAW Results 3/5/06

From last nights PAW:

Matty H’s music hits and out comes the Legend he walks to the ring and grabs a mic.

“I asked for some time on the show because I have something very important to say….before I get to it let me just say that even before the World Championship was made last year Marcos and I have been fueding for almost twenty years…and it never got old. Now we are the best of friends and it saddens me that he hasn’t been on wrestling in a long time. With that said, I’ve wrestled pretty much everyone here and I think that my time is winding down…and I here to tell you that as of today, I am officially retiring. I won’t be back in the ring and you won’t see me ever in a CMWF ring. Thank you for all your years of watching and let me just say from the bottom of my heart that it was a pleasure performing for you.”

Matty H. leaves to a huge standing ovation as he leaves he turns around with a tear in his eye and waves his paw to the crowd. Thank you Matty H.

Match #1:
Dale and Erika vs Shaq
Dale and Erika come out and and Shaq’s music hits and he sneaks from behind and takes out the two little fish by surprise.

Winner: Shaq

After the match he continues to beat on them and George (the cray fish) comes out and chases Shaq away. Shaq screams out that he’ll get George for what he did.

Match #2
Bandit’s Debut match
Bae comes out and she sits in the ring waiting for Bandit to come out. Bandit’s music hits and out bounces a little Jack Russell Terrier with a ball in his mouth. He hopes into the ring and the bell is rung and the match begins. Bandit bounces around the ring and Bae tells the little dog that she’ll make him choke on the ball that’s in his mouth they wrestle for a little bit and Bandit passes out. Bae backs up not sure what happened and the ref calls for the signal. As the ref calls for the signal Bandit spits the ball into Bae’s face, blinding the little white dog and Bandit swoops in for the pin.

Winner: Bandit

Bandit quickly grabs the ball and proudly walks away from the ring as Bae is angry as she grabs her eye.

Match #3
World Championship Match
Peanut Chew vs Pierre (c)
Since Peanut Chew one the TLC match last week against the now retired Matty H., he earned the right to go up against the champion Pierre.

Peanut Chew comes first and paces around the ring as Pierre is wheeled out in his cage. There have been rumors of the higher ups wanting to put a straight jacket and gag around the psycho bird Pierre because he is too loud and does not let many people relax when he is in the area. Pierre enters the ring and the bell is again rung to start of the match.

Peanut Chew and Pierre lock it up and they wrestle around the ring. Many near falls occur. Pierre takes control of the match early on and is beating the pellets out of Peanut. Pierre tosses Peanut into the corner and places The Nut onto the top of the turnbuckle and goes for a birdicarrana from the top rope but Peanut Chew throws the psycho one down and goes for the Flying Jackrabbit and connects.

Peanut Chew pins Pierre 1-2–

When all of a sudden Matty H. jumps into the ring and hits the ref with a bag of cat litter.

Winner: No Contest

Matty H. tosses Pierre out of the ring and proceeds to beat on Peanut Chew. He does his finishing move: Cat o’ Nine Tails, on Peanut Chew and then grabs Peanut by the ears and hisses in his face. “You’re not cool!” he meows loudly in the little rabbits face.

Matty H. grabs the mic, “Did you really think I was going to retire? Me? Retire? That’s not cool. Do you know what is cool? The fact that I just kicked you’re little hero’s ass all over the living room…” Matty H. laughs as he leaves and goes up the ramp.

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