Books read so far

I tried to read The Historian and I couldn’t get into it so I pick up a book on of my students from last year gave me “Schlock Value: Hollywood at its Worse” by: Richard Roeper. Many people think he’s gay, like an actually gay guy, but he told Howard Stern that he is very much straight and has even had sex with an A list star…so who knows. The book was good, I feel like it was kind of cheating on the number of books that I’ve read, but I’m adding the damn thing to the list of books that I’ve read so far because it is over two hundred pages so it might as well be a book right?

I also finished reading a book called: Tales From Development Hell: Film-making the Hard Way” by David Hughes which tells of how some movies (a handful of movies that Hughes chose for this particular book) get stuck in a limbo in Hollywood called Development Hell and some movies end up getting out of it, some are forever stuck there and some die there and are never brought up. Really great book. But I am not adding it to my current list because I only finished reading it (I bought it over the summer and never finished it) but I am adding it as the first entry to my list of books that need to be finished.

Read in 2006:
“Mary, Mary” By: James Patterson
“Forgiven” By: Vince Russo
“The Shawn Michaels Story” By: Shawn Michaels
“Schlock Value” By: Richard Roeper

Finished in 2006:
“Tales From Development Hell” By: David Hughes

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