Almost one year

Evkoz, today, brought up the fact that this blog is almost a year old, so I checked to see when I started it (I forgot, I thought it was sometime in May, Evkoz thought April and it ended up being) March 25th of last year. Wow! I can’t believe it. Next saturday. Man! I have to do something special for that day or something. I don’t know. Lol maybe I won’t post! I have too or something. I don’t know…I’ll come up with something good. Hopefully.


2 thoughts on “Almost one year

  1. socramforever says:

    Birthday? or Anniversary? I don’t know what I’m going to do for it, but I think I’m going to do a special CMWF PAW for that day. If I ever write the PAW for last sunday up.

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