Sunday Night PAW 3/12/06 results


Pierre is wheeled out in his cage to the ring and he gets out and walks into the middle of the ring and grabs the mic.

“It seems to me that I am the best World Champion ever. No one can challenge me and I feel like I do not have any equals and so from today on I am going to put the 24/7 rule back into effect. Come and get some! And seeing that I have the night off, I’m going to leave now.”

Pierre throws the mic down and is wheeled to the back.

Match #1

Shaq vs George

George is out with Erica and Dale in his corner and the match is on. They battle back and forth.

Winner: George

Erica and Dale both swim over and hug George and thank him for all of his help.

Match #2

Bae vs Bandit
The Rematch

A replay from last week is shown: Bae comes out and she sits in the ring waiting for Bandit to come out. Bandit’s music hits and out bounces a little Jack Russell Terrier with a ball in his mouth. He hopes into the ring and the bell is rung and the match begins. Bandit bounces around the ring and Bae tells the little dog that she’ll make him choke on the ball that’s in his mouth they wrestle for a little bit and Bandit passes out. Bae backs up not sure what happened and the ref calls for the signal. As the ref calls for the signal Bandit spits the ball into Bae’s face, blinding the little white dog and Bandit swoops in for the pin.

Bae is growling as she watches the repeat of the match and the bell rings and it is on. Bae attacks poor little Bandit and tosses the little Jack Russell around the ring and she drop kicks him and Bandit stands for a moment and then passes out.

“I’m not falling for that again!” Bae says as she jumps on top of the little Jack Russell and just as the ref is about to count to three Bandit counters the pin and rolls Bae for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Bandit

Bae is growling and barks as the little Jack Russell walks away to the back, this doesn’t seem to be over yet.

Peanut Chew makes his way down to the ring as a replay of last weeks main event is seen: When all of a sudden Matty H. jumps into the ring and hits the ref with a bag of cat litter.

Matty H. tosses Pierre out of the ring and proceeds to beat on Peanut Chew. He does his finishing move: Cat o’ Nine Tails, on Peanut Chew and then grabs Peanut by the ears and hisses in his face. “You’re not cool!” he meows loudly in the little rabbits face.

Matty H. grabs the mic, “Did you really think I was going to retire? Me? Retire? That’s not cool. Do you know what is cool? The fact that I just kicked you’re little hero’s ass all over the living room…” Matty H. laughs as he leaves and goes up the ramp.

Peanut is mad and he starts to talk into the mic.

“You tricked us, you tricked us all! And what you did to me was uncalled for…Uncle! That’s right, you are my Uncle, and I do not want anyone to forget that! You’re the evil Uncle in every story! AND I CHALLENGE YOU! In two weeks! To a double cage match!”

Peanut tosses the mic down and makes his way to the back.

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