CMWF’s HOPDOWN! results from Saturday 3/25/06

Sorry for how late this is, I got home pretty late from the ECPW tapings and I haven’t posted in two days. Crazy!

Here are the results:


Replay of Bruce choking out Pierre.

Pierre is wheeled out, without his precious belt and he bitches about how he was not prepared for Bruce to come to his room and choke him out. He demands Bruce come out and give him his title back. After a moment the crowd starts to boo Pierre and he is wheeled back to the locker room in protest.

“I’m not leaving! Stop it! I am not leaving until he comes out with my belt!”

Match #1
Debut Match
The Commet Clan (from the pound in the back) come out, they are four commet fish, three of which are bright orange and the fourth is blue, red and orange, he is Commet #1.
Dale, Erika, and George come out and this will be a 4 on 3 Handicap match.

During the match Shaq and The Orange fish come out and distract George and Erika, leaving Dale to the Commets who steal the win.

Winners: The Commet Clan

Tomorrow on PAW, Gimli the Goat debuts

Match #2
Bae vs Bandit III
Bae is already in the ring, she is crotched down and growling as Bandit makes his way down to the ring with the little ball in his mouth. She attacks him and tosses him around the ring, yet again, and he pretends to play dead.

Bae jumps on top of him and places her back paws on the ropes out of the view of the ref who counts to three as Bandit struggles to get out.

Winner: Bae

Bae leaps out of the ring and laughs.

Bandit tries to convince the ref that he was cheated out of a match because Bae put her feet on the ropes, the ref tells him that he didn’t see it so it didn’t happen.

Matty H. makes it down to the ring and grabs a mic for the first ever episode of “The Cat’s Meow”. “The Cat’s Meow” set has a litter box on one side of the ring, a couple cat toys on the other, a water bowl and a food bowl. He tells the crowd that tomorrow on Sunday Night PAW he will take on the hoppy go lucky rabbit named Peanut Chew in a Double Cage match. He will smear the rabbit’s face all over the first cage, then all over the top cage and will push the little bunny off the top cage to be crowned the winner. And without further comments he introduces Peanut.

Peanut’s music hits and he does not come out.

“Peanut…this is your uncle speaking…come out here. I won’t hurt you…I’LL LEAVE THAT FOR TOMORROW!”

Peanut’s music hits again and he does not come out, the crowd starts to cheer as Peanut jumps out of the crowd and onto the ring and springs off the top rope drop kicking his uncle into his water bowl, then tossing him head first into the food bowl and finally into the kitty litter.

Peanut leaps out of the ring and starts to go up the ramp laughing as Matty H. looks up in a rage and hisses at the little rabbit.

Join us tomorrow for Sunday Night PAW, Double cage!

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