Sunday Night PAW results 3/26/06

Again, sorry about how late this is, but if you want this to make sense, read the HOPDOWN! results below first then read this.


Pierre is in the back, he’s crying, then he gets angry, “WHY HAVEN’T YOU ACCEPTED MY CHALLENGE! BRUCE!”

Match #1
Comet #1 and #2 vs Dale and Erika
half way through the match #1 tells #3 to switch with #2 who is getting a beating in the ring. #3 pins Erika and the Comets steal another win.

Winners: Comet #1 and #2

Match #2
Debut Match
Gimli the Goat vs Bandit

Bandit tries to play dead but Gimli picks him up and tosses him for a Goat Drop for the win.

Winner: Gimli the Goat

Match #3
Matty H. Vs Peanut Chew

The two animals start off in the bottom cage and they work each other up and toss each other into the cage and Peanut Chew makes his way up to the top cage only to get brought down by his uncle’s paw.

Peanut drop kicks Matty into the cage and leaps up to the second level. The living legend Matty H. is in hot persuit of the little bunny and climbs to the top only to get hit with a kendo stick to the head. Matty H. fumbles back and meows loudly and gets hit again for good measure. Matty H. grabs a chair and swings it at the little bunny and the Peanut leaps out of the way.

Matty H. grabs a crutch and breaks it over the back of the bunny, Matty H. laughs as he makes it to the top of the cage and gains the upper hand in the match.

Peanut tries to leap up to the top but Matty H. keeps pushing him back into the cage. Peanut finally makes it to the top and they battle back and forth Matty H hisses and swats at his nephew and Peanut almost falls but Peanut leaps and head butts his uncle into the stomach and Matty H. falls down and onto the first cage.

Winner: Peanut Chew

Peanut celebrates the huge win as the ref checks on Matty H.

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