Let me talk about X3 for a moment

I’ve heard and read too much in the ways of spoilers for this movie and it makes me want to see it more and more. When Melissa and I went to see X2: X-men United a few summers ago, the film didn’t start because there was a problem with the movie reel. We got our money back and a free ticket and went to see it later in the evening (for free…haha!) but the best thing about that experience was this little fifth, sixth or seventh grade kid who was there with like three or four of his friends. He was leaving the theater, almost in tears, with his head down saying: “OHHH MAN!! I’ve waited for this movie all year, I can’t believe this happened…when we get to school on Monday everyone is going to ask ‘did you see it’ and I’m going to be like ‘like, stupid movie broke!'”

Thought that was funny, hopefully I’ll get to see it later this week or over the already packed weekend which includes: Wild Wood Friday, Surprise 90th birthday for my grandfather and his twin brother, and I don’t know, but if I can, I’ll add X-men: The Last Stand to the bunch.


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