X3 can’t crack Code overseas

Haha! Now they call it X3, bastards…confusing me! For anybody who thinks that overseas grosses on movies don’t count, check this out. Add this to the total gross of both movies from this past weekend.

From IMDB.com:

‘X3’ Can’t Crack ‘Code’ Overseas
Overseas, The Da Vinci Code kept the X-Men at bay. In its second week, Code declined a moderate 40 percent to gross $90.9 million on 12,038 screens, while the X-Men sequel debuted with $76.1 million at 8,543 screens, according to trade reports, which noted that during the comparable weekend last year the second weekend of Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith led with $61.5 million.

Box Office Rises Above 2005
Overall, the box office was up 5 percent over Memorial Day 2005, when Madagascar and The Longest Yard reigned. For the year, the box office is up 6 percent over last year. In an interview with today’s (Tuesday) Los Angeles Times, Exhibitor Relations chief Paul Dergarabedian observed, “Last year, all the talk was about how people had found other entertainment options than going to movies — video games, computers, in-home theaters. … There’s a lot more optimism these days among the distributors, and even more among the movie theater owners. What this year is showing is that given the right product, and the right marketing, there’s still nothing like that 50-foot-wide screen.”

Ohh yeah, better movies this year, better outcome, I’m sure that movie studios will not be making the same, lackluster movies that they came out with last year and hoping for big grosses. As you can see, people demand better movies and when they get them, they come out in droves.


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