Huge Wachowski brothers rumor!

You know, the creaters of The Matrix:


Wachowski’s Race To “Speed”
Posted: Monday June 5th, 2006 2:56am
Source: IGN Filmforce
Author: Garth Franklin

IGN FilmForce was recently informed by a longtime source that Larry and Andy Wachowski, the creative force behind The Matrix trilogy, may write and direct the live-action, feature film version of Speed Racer for Joel Silver Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures.

The long-in-development project is based on the classic Japanese cartoon. None of the parties involved would go on the record when asked about the project.

Actor Vince Vaughn sold his pitch for a Speed Racer movie to Warners in June 2004, if this gossip is true what does it do that script and will he still co-star as the title character’s brother Racer X in a possible Wachowski’s version? Vaughn’s reps at UTA answered “no comment” to that question.

Sadly, I don’t care, but I thought some people might be interested. The whole idea of a Speed Racer movie is stupid. During the 90’s Johnny Depp was originally tied to this story. Hopefully neither he nor Vince Vaughn, nor The Wachowskis or even Joel Silver are involved in this.


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