Feeling Bad

I’m usually one with the most patients, and I am very much laid back. But, I don’t know what happened…

Today, I dropped off my parents at the airport, they were going to Puerto Rico (first time in about three years–last time it was because my Grandfather had passed away) and so Melissa and I will be staying over the house to take care of Mathew, the cat and the blogs first mascot (Peanut is the second). So, we drove over there last night with Mr. Chew, and slept there, took my parents to the airport, I got back got dressed and went to the high school to sub. Melissa calls me and tells me that we forgot to give Peanut his medicine, that he’s still taking from last week, and that I should give it to him. Now, I’m not like Melissa, I don’t have that control over the Nutty one. He’s a wild beast with me, and he prefers to play games with me more than usual.

I get to my house and I grab Peanut, take him upstairs and I start looking for the medicine and I can’t find it. I get frustrated. Oh yeah, before I forget, we’re going back to the apartment to go to the gym and pick up a change of clothes for the next two days, and I don’t like living Livingston any later than like 3:15-3:30 or the traffic on Rt. 10 is a bitch. So, I’m rushing to try and find the medicine, Melissa may have told me where it was, I don’t remember. So, I’m not blamming anyone there.

I finally find it, in the kitchen, I don’t know why it was there and then I go to get Peanut and a towell, because he’s a beast when it comes to giving him medicine, you pretty much have to make him into a bunny burrito with a towell. So, I try and I try and rabbits don’t make noises, like a cat meows or a dog barks, they grunt or sigh or breath out heavily and that’s all he was doing. He was getting frustrated. He escaped, I got him back, round two, tried again, same deal. So I get frustrated and the cat like to meow and be loud when someone is there and he hasn’t seen anyone in a while and I yelled at him. I told him to shut up. I put the rabbit back in his cage and I left.

Now I feel bad that I left my two little fuzzy friends upset with me. Hopefully I can make it up to them later.


7 thoughts on “Feeling Bad

  1. flammable says:

    I hear ya there…same reason why I can’t give my cat his medicine.

    And he behaves fine for my mom! She doesn’t believe me when I tell her that Max closes his mouth at the instant I press on the eye dropper for his medicine to go in his mouth.

    Must be something about animals and women, I dunno.

  2. socramforever says:

    they like they’re mommies.

    Peanut treats Melissa different then he treats me, I’m like a play thing and she is the Mom.

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