“Babysitting” gets a remake?

This is one remake that I feel is completely unnecessary…as does Garth from Darkhorizons.com:

I guess I killed the suspense by saying who it came from before huh?

“Babysitting” Remake? NOOOOOO!!!!
Posted: Wednesday July 12th 2006 3:14pm
Source: Reuters
Author: Garth Franklin

You know you’re getting old when they remake beloved films from your early childhood, well that treatment is set to happen to one of mine. According to Reuters who reports Raven Symone is attached to star in the Walt Disney Pictures remake of ’80s cult favorite “Adventures in Babysitting”.

The original “Babysitting”, also known as “A Night on the Town” in foreign territories, followed a high school senior (Elisabeth Shue) who gets stuck baby-sitting a bunch of kids. The dull night is interrupted when she gets a call for help from a friend (Penelope Ann Miller) stuck downtown, leading her and the kids into a night of misadventures. The original movie marked the directorial debut of Chris Columbus (“Mrs. Doubtfire”, “Harry Potter 1 & 2”).

Lynda Obst, who produced the 1987 original with Debra Hill, is on board to produce the remake. David Stem and David Weiss wrote the script for the new “Babysitting.” No director has been named yet. Symone’s deal includes a guaranteed pay or play on one movie, with an option for a second, though it’s unsure if this film will qualify as part of it.

Yeah, come on now, Raven Symone? This is going to suck monkey balls off a horses ass while its going to the bathroom. I mean seriously. At least give it to some one that can at least draw a crowd like…um…maybe Lindsay Lohan? I don’t know. That just seems more normal.

This was one of my favorite movies when I was little, I didn’t see it when it came out in theaters but I saw it on tape and its heart breaking that they would do something like this. Bastards!


2 thoughts on ““Babysitting” gets a remake?

  1. flammable says:

    Oh man…never saw this, but it sounds like remaking Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, or The Princess Bride. Just don’t.

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