Pirates might get sued by screenwriter

This one might be interesting…

From IMDB.com…you thought I was going to say the other one:

‘Pirates’ Movie Producers Sued by Screenwriter

The global success of the Pirates Of The Caribbean sequel has been tainted by a Hollywood screenwriter, who claims the whole idea for the franchise was his. The megahit, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, smashed box office records in eight territories – including America and the UK – over the weekend, but writer Royce Mathew is keen to halt the celebrations. He claims he created “drawings” and a “screenplay” for a project he called Supernatural Pirate Movie – and now he fears his ideas have been turned into a Disney blockbuster. Royce states he even called the pirate ship in his film treatment the Black Pearl – the same name used for Johnny Depp’s craft, and the subtitle for the original film. And he also created a lead characters called Will Turner – the same name as Orlando Bloom’s swashbuckler in the Disney films – and Elizabeth – the Christian name of Keira Knightley’s character. The screenwriter insists he registered the drawings and his screenplay with the US Copyright Office, and is now suing the The Walt Disney Company, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Touchstone Home Video and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, claiming movie bosses used his ideas as a blueprint for the Pirates of The Caribbean films.

Sounds interesting…I’ll keep posting when I read up on more of this situation.


10 thoughts on “Pirates might get sued by screenwriter

  1. flammable says:

    Interesing…and here, I thought this was a Disney thing. I mean, they were making a movie based on a ride at Walt Disney World.

    They did the same with Eddie Murphy in Haunted Mansion, but that didn’t seem to go anywhere…probably because the haunted mansion contained no ninjas.

  2. socramforever says:

    neither did Pirates…but wait, maybe with Pirates 3 is with Chinese pirates, you don’t think that…gasp!!! oh no! what if they have ninjas in there movie!!! or are those Japanese?

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