I’m a little confused about Natalie Portman now…

Darkhorizons.com reported one thing, and now IMDB is reporting another:

IMDB.com has this one:

Hollywood beauty Natalie Portman is to appear completely naked in new movie Goya’s Ghosts. Portman will bare all in the biopic on Spanish painter Francisco Goya in which she plays the artist’s muse, who is accused of atheism and then stripped as torture. The 24-year-old previously banned a naked scene she filmed for the 2004 movie Closer from being included in the final cut but allowed director Mike Nichols to show her dancing in a thong. At the time the actress denied the raunchy movie was a way of shedding her childlike Princess Amidala persona from Star Wars. She said, “I don’t do it in order to prove something. I just go on with my life and do what feels right.”

This stated as opposed to what was posted here: http://socramforever.livejournal.com/208056.html. You be the judge I guess…


2 thoughts on “I’m a little confused about Natalie Portman now…

  1. flammable says:

    Maybe IMDB got confused and thought that the body double was Natalie?

    Regardless, there will be someone hot-looking (either Natalie Portman, or someone paid to look like Natalie Portman) naked in Goya’s Ghosts.

    And while I’m thinking of it, Goya’s Ghosts sounds like it could be the title for a horror flick.

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