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I remembered that there was some info about the third movies story that came out about a week or so ago. I didn’t want to read it until I saw the second movie, but I looked it up and here is the info:



From darkhorizons.com:

This one is from July 2nd:

Pirates Speak Of “World’s End”
Posted: Wednesday July 5th 2006 9:01am
Source: Assorted Sources
Author: Garth Franklin

While many of the scenes, especially those that re-use the locations from the second film, have already been shot for the third “Pirates of the Caribbean”, there’s still a tad over two months of pick-ups to do in California in the next few months.

In the meantime, two of the supporting stars have given the barest hints of the plot for the film. First up Captain Jack’s first mate Gibbs (Kevin McNally) told BANG Showbiz – “The only thing I can say is that we go to a completely other part of the world [Singapore] and we face a completely new range of baddies which are even worse than the ones we’ve faced before – they’re really, really evil and nasty – even more so than Davy Jones, although he’ll be back of course”.

Meanwhile Mackenzie Crook, who plays the bumbling pirate Ragetti with his signature detachable wooden eye, revealed to Teletext some details of his own: “In the third one I perform a task that has a big bearing on the plot, although I can’t say what that task is. They are quite complicated films plot-wise and were complicated to make.”

I didn’t think that Ragetti had such a be part in the sequel let alone in the first movie. Ragetti and Pintel are kind of like the Pumba and Timon of the series and I can’t see one having a bigger part than the other. I actually like Pintel more than Ragetti, he seems to have more of a character.

Here’s the next bunch of rumors from July 10th:

Also from darkhorizons.com:

“Pirates 3” Story Spoilers
Posted: Monday July 10th 2006 2:15pm
Source: Box-Office Mojo
Author: Garth Franklin

Conducting interviews with all the cast of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”, Film Focus summarised everything from the interviews concerning the third film including some juicy stuff. Make sure to read this ONLY AFTER you’ve seen the second film:

– They shot around half of the film on location during the shoot for Dead Man’s Chest and they’ve three months on soundstages from August. That suggests a good half of the film will be set indoors or on elaborate in-for-out sets.

– Mackenzie Crook’s character, Ragetti, gets no closure. There’s not a hint of romance to come. But his part becomes clearer and he has a couple of “important duties to carry out.”

– Naomie Harris’ character – who gets only two scenes in this film – is a key player next time around. *REAL SPOILERS* At this film’s end she reintroduces Barbossa, brought back to life by her voodoo magic, and she confirmed our suspicions that she’ll be bringing Jack back, too.

– Lord Cutler Beckett has some tricks up his sleeve for the gang in the third film.

– “Of course you’ll see the Pearl again,” says Mackenzie, confirming its demise in Dead Man’s Chest isn’t permanent.

– Nighy is unrelenting in feeling responsible for killing Jack Sparrow. But, he said, “there’s always film three…” He promises Davy Jones will be much more evil next time around.

– Johnny and Keira will be involved in the scene with Keith Richards but poor Orlando Bloom won’t be.

– Johnny Depp hopes that three won’t be the end of it. He wants to keep Jack Sparrow going over more films, if he gets the chance.

Like I said before the second one came out, just don’t fuck up the next one, then worry about the fourth, fifth or sixth one.

Third one is going to be crazy!!!


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  1. flammable says:

    Yes, I did! I loved it. The only thing preventing me from seeing Pirates 2 is, uh, not being able to get to the theater. They need to build one down the street from me.

    Or, I could get that driver’s license…maybe that’s better, long term…heh.

    I could always download it.

  2. flammable says:

    Was actually looking into downloading it…only crappy quality copies are floating around right now. Maybe a better one will show up once it’s officially on DVD. 🙂

    DMV, here I come!

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