Spielberg on a bunch of projects…including JP and IJ IV

That’s Jurassic Park and Indy IV if you didn’t get that.

from Darkhorizons.com:

Spielberg Talks Upcoming Projects
Posted: Tuesday July 18th 2006 9:06am
Source: Spielberg Films
Author: Garth Franklin

This past weekend, Spielberg Films attended the Chicago International Film Festival’s (CIFF) Tribute to Steven Spielberg and got to speak with the man in question about all his upcoming projects. In the process they managed to shoot down a whole bunch of speculation. Here’s the quotes from Spielberg himself:

Angels and Demons
“No one’s ever approached me to do ‘Angels and Demons,’ and if they did, I would say no. Because it’s not my genre, not my thing!”

Indiana Jones IV
“George and I have been promising it for a lot of years now, but I’m making every attempt to keep my promise. I just want to make sure that the fanbase is given the best ‘Indiana Jones’ anybody could possibly make, and until I can assure myself that at least I’m trying to make the best ‘Indiana Jones’ film of all time, the development will continue. The process of developing the script will continue, and it continues right now with David Koepp writing the script… I feel that if anybody can do it and pull this together, David can”.

Jurassic Park IV
“Joe Johnston is standing by. First dibs on it, and Joe is my go-to ‘Jurassic’ guy now. I think the film is witty and clever, and I think Joe did an amazing job putting together those battles. And I think those battles Joe put together… I was jealous of the spinosaurus attack on the airplane! That scene where the spinosaurus attacks the airplane and the passengers inside the airplane was every bit as good as I thought the main road attack in ‘Jurassic Park’ was. So I’m a huge fan of Joe’s, and he’s the right guy to do the fourth one”.

“It’s viable. The script’s being written, and hopefully sometime in September/October of ’07 I’ll have the chance to start that. I can’t guarantee that, it’s just, once again, like ‘Indy 4,’ that script is in process”

Untitled Sci-Fi Wormhole Project
“It’s called ‘Interstellar.’ That’s the name. It’s a detailed treatment by Dr. Kip Thorne, and I’m working with Lynda Obst, who’s the producer, and Kip Thorne on this project… I don’t want to categorize it yet, ’cause I’m just at the beginning of the process. I don’t see it as ‘2001’”.

Interesting. I like SS doing sci fi movies, but only if the aliens are bad…


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