Plans of Bond 22

They have apparently signed a director to make the follow up to Casino Royale (most likely to go with the whole idea of making a Bond movie for the year 2007–you know double “0” seven–007):


Roger Michell to direct BOND 22?

U.K. director Roger Michell is currently in negotiations to direct the follow-up to the upcoming film CASINO ROYALE.

The follow up has a working title of BOND 22 and is supposedly based on an idea from original Bond producer Michael WIlson. No writer has been picked to write the script as of yet.

The sequel would star Daniel Craig as Agent 007. Michell has directed ENDURING LOVE, which starred Craig, NOTTING HILL and CHANGING LANES.

Like I say about everything else, make sure the one before is good then worry about the next one.


8 thoughts on “Plans of Bond 22

  1. flammable says:

    Yeah! Bring back Pierce Brosnan, he’s suave and stuff. At least we can believe it when he picks up women like Denise Richards.

  2. socramforever says:

    operate as in the real thing or operate as in something naughty? because if it was the latter one I wouldn’t mind it one bit!

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