Pirates said to beat everything at the box office this weekend

Crazy thought, but it would be cool if it did…

from IMDB.com:

‘Pirates’ Likely To Shoot ‘Lady’ Out of Water

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest will be taking on four new challengers at the box office this weekend and is expected not only to survive but conquer as well, becoming the first film of the year to cross the $300-million mark. If it does vanquish its rivals, it would become the first film to hold on to the No. 1 spot for three consecutive weeks in five years. (The last to do so was 2001’s American Pie 2.) Analysts give M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water the best chance of besting Pirates, but despite audience tracking that indicates that it will have a strong debut, reviews have been almost universally negative, and box-office receipts could be affected by poor word-of-mouth. Sony’s stop-motion animated feature, Monster House, is also expected to be a strong challenger, particularly given the fact that it’s the first cartoon to hit the screens since the debut of Cars more than a month ago. (It’s also being presented in 3-D in 163 of the 3,553 theaters showing it.)

I dont’ know, I mean, it would be cool, but it lost a lot of steam recently, I bet that Pirates and Lady go head to head, kind of like how close Little Man and You, Me and Dupree were last week, only off by a little tiny bit. As to who is going to be first, I’m leaning towards Pirates simply because Lady in the Water looks a little weird, but I’ll be seeing it tomorrow. I think I might see Clerks II next week.


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