Singer still planning on a sequel to Superman Returns

Funny thing about this was that I was talking to my DP/Editor Adam yesterday and I asked him “Do you think that they’ll make another one?” and he was like, “Yeah sure…”


Singer Still Planning Superman Sequel
Source: Edward Douglas
July 21, 2006

At the Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con in San Diego today, director Bryan Singer said that he was in talks with the studio about a sequel to Superman Returns. He hadn’t concluded a deal to do it yet, which he said is always “iffy,” but he has every intention to do a sequel for 2009, and said that while Superman Returns reintroduced the character for new people, the next one will let him get all “Wrath of Khan on it.” He added that you can expect an alien villain in the sequel.

He also joked that he has to see who’s left in the cast if he ever were to return to the “X-Men” franchise. Ironically, right before being asked about it, he had been joined on the dias by original Superman director Richard Donner, whose wife Lauren Shuler Donner produced the first two “X-Men” movies.

I’d go see it, I’m not saying I wouldn’t, but the first one wasn’t that good. Did I even tell people I went to go see it? I saw it the day before we left for Las Vegas, so probably not. I’ll post something about that too. Soon.


6 thoughts on “Singer still planning on a sequel to Superman Returns

  1. flammable says:

    Meh, I heard it was mediocre, could have been better for a comic book movie. Even Kevin Spacey couldn’t save it, which is saying something.

    Too bad, but hey, I don’t put much stock into Superman myself…would be more devastated if Spidey 3 sucked (which it WILL NOT). 🙂

  2. socramforever says:

    this marks the first of the old ones that I’ve been trying to write back to you with, this one was posted by you on July 31st…its been a busy summer now fall…

    Spidey 3 better not suck!

  3. socramforever says:

    and I think you’ve continued to say it too…

    …I still have a lot of old ones that I plan to get to eventually. I promise, lol!

  4. socramforever says:

    and slowly but surely I’m pounding them away throughout the day. Hopefully I’ll have my e-mail cleared by the end of this week…

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