Long in Die Hard 4.0

Justin Long might be signing up soon for the next Die Hard movie:

from Darkhorizons.com:

Justin Long For “Die Hard 4.0”
Posted: Monday July 28th 2006 1:08am
Source: IESB.Net
Author: Garth Franklin

“Jeepers Creepers” and “Dodgeball” star Justin Long, hot off recent hits like “The Break-Up” and upcoming comedy “Accepted”, is just days away from being officially announced to co-star in Die Hard 4.0 reports IESB.

The site can confirm that he is in the final stages of his negotiations, though whether he will play the son of John McClane (Bruce Willis) or a computer hacker that he teams up with is unsure.

Long also confirmed that Len Wiseman (“Underworld”) rumored to be in talks, is in fact directing. Fox has been seen scouting Vancouver for the big action sequel which finds hero John McClane coming out of retirement to battle an Internet terrorist organization.

I’m actually all ready for a new Die Hard movie, just make the damn thing already, just don’t suck!


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