Vice beats Pirates, but not really by much…

Don’t be fooled by the “Miami” Hotter Than The “Caribbean” type of headlines, they are only trying to get your attention.

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“Miami” Hotter Than The “Caribbean”
Posted: Monday July 28th 2006 12:39am
Source: Dark Horizons
Author: Garth Franklin

Whilst it didn’t reach record temperatures, Michael Mann’s reinvention of “Miami Vice” opened to a moderate $25 million bow. The amount was enough to break the three week hold that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel had on the top spot at the box-office.

Michael Mann movies have long legs and his last film “Collateral” opened to around the same amount and went on to break $100 million. Whether that will hold for ‘Miami’ is unsure, though with a much more expensive $160 million budget price tag, and more mixed reviews, some are already calling it a flop. A lot will depend upon drop-off next week.

“Pirates’ continues sailing strongly, passing “Finding Nemo” to become Disney’s highest earning film ever and still managing to rake in a strong $20.5 million take this weekend. Teen comedy “John Tucker Must Die” also performed better than expected, its $14.1 million tally almost equalling the film’s $18 million production budget on opening weekend.

The dud this week was CG comedy “The Ant Bully”. Sandwiched in between two other CG animated movies and with little promotional fanfare, the film tanked with a mere $8.1 million on opening. Last week’s “Monster House” managed an $11.5 million take in its second weekend, beating ‘Bully’ cleanly.

The big sinker of the week was M. Night Shyamalan’s “Lady in the Water” which plummeted 61.2% in its second outing. The film is now looking likely to match its relatively modest $55 million production budget in terms of grosses.

In limited release “Little Miss Sunshine” shone bright with a $51,000 per screen average, whilst Woody Allen comedy “Scoop” took in around $5,581 per theatre on several hundred screens.

The only real reason why people are making such a big deal about Vice making five million more than Pirates and nothing else is because after three weeks Pirates has been taken down…but not really. I mean, Pirates in its first day made 50 million dollars (the first Friday) and Miami Vice in its first weekend only made 25 million? Pirates in its forth weekend open still made 20 million dollars, only 5 million less. Not much of a deal.


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