Don’t know what’s going on this weekend

My parents are going away for the weekend so, Melissa, Peanut Chew and I are going over to take care of Matty H. What we’re doing this weekend aside from that, I couldn’t tell you. All I know is that the sky seems like at any second it could fall. I have a headache so big my head feels like I ran into a wall. And all I want to do is either go see a movie or get under the covers and keep warm….or both.

The Wicker Man and Crank both come out this weekend and we still want to go see Accepted and I have the DVD for The Producers (and McMahon–but I doubt Melissa will want to see that) so we have a lot of options for entertainment. I don’t really want to stay inside my house this weekend too much, aside from watching the cat and making sure the basement is ok, I want to see some form of entertainment.

Also, I’ve been writin heavily, on a new script, I haven’t spoken to anyone about this one (I put the other one down for a little bit, I haven’t written on it in about four months and it would take too long to get back into it right now and I feel I should just start another one and come back to it when I’m done and I have the other one out of my head). I’m about 65 pages (handwritten) on the knew one, so lord knows how many pages that will actually turn out to be typed (on the previous one I had over a hundred and twenty pages and I hadn’t even gotten to the meat of the script, to be fair, I was writing the script backwards, instead of writing it the way it will be in its finished form I’m was writing everything I wanted the characters to have experienced in five years down. I had just gotten to the fifth year when I was tired and put it down–but I’ll go right back to that one as soon as I finish this current one).

Writing by hand I thought was dumb, but most of my best work (in my opinion) was always done by hand first. Either in class when I got bored or something to that extent, I would always rush back and type it back up. I thought it was sad that I didn’t type first and that who still does that. But I started reading that a bunch of writers work that way, namely one very HUGE name: George Lucas. He write everything long hand first and fixes it until he feels its just write then he types it up (or I would asume he has someone transcribe it–I don’t have that luxory–besides, I consider the hand written draft my first draft anyway). So, I’ll be working on that too this weekend. Don’t ask me what its about, I’m very secretive about things like that. I don’t even show Melissa stuff until I’m completely done.

My headache is still here and I have to clean up some of the apartment before we make our trek back to Livingston (I’m waiting for Melissa right now to get out of work–I’d much rather be typing, but if I get off this damn computer and clean maybe I can get some pages done).

Its been a while since I’ve had a chance to write one of these editorial type of rants, I wish I had more to say…oh well. I’m off for now. I liked this one, short and sweet.


12 thoughts on “Don’t know what’s going on this weekend

  1. flammable says:

    Hope the script writing went well. So what’s it about, huh, huh? 😀

    The Producers was fun, though I heard the older one was better. Bah, I liked it. 🙂

  2. socramforever says:

    I started watching the Producers and I was having difficulty paying attention. I’m sure its a great play but I don’t think that the whole thing translates well to film.

  3. flammable says:

    *sigh* yeah…my parents wanted to go see it.

    Marcos, I’m going to the movies with my parents. Is my life officially over? LOL

  4. socramforever says:

    no, whenever Melissa and I don’t want to pay to see a movie I ask my mom if she’d like to see a movie with us hoping she’d pay. I don’t really care…a movie is a movie, but its better if its free…

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