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This is a strange one, and it deals with my next post, which is about this weekend. I thought about what I was doing this weekend and I typed into google images Livingston, NJ and it came up with a bunch of pages. I saw one that didn’t make much sense on picture alone and I found a website called and its about all these urinals pretty much anywhere. One of those places was in Livingston, NJ. Its not gross at all, its literally just a picture of a urinal. Check it out:

3 thoughts on “Website of the Day

  1. flammable says:

    Wow. That’s kinda like the hacker magazine 2600 (which I like), they have people take pictures of telephone booths. Kinda interesting, phone booths in other countries are strange!

    Here’s the site, which has a lot (if not all) of the phones online:

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