DX vs nWo?

Whoa! This would be awesome!

from wrestlezone.com:

Strong Rumor: D-X vs. nWo Feud In WWE?
09/08/2006 by Ryan Clark

Source: Pro Wrestling Torch

There is a strong rumor (and we put huge emphasis on that) within WWE right now about possibly bringing in Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to feud with D-Generation X after the current McMahon-DX feud runs its course.

There are said to be a number of critics within WWE about that idea as many people don’t want any part of either Nash or Hall for various reasons. Some do realize that a “DX vs. nWo” feud could do quite well, so anything is possible at this point.

While some WWE sources deny it as a possibility, they have also admitted at the same time that the idea has been proposed and “put on the table” so to speak.

As much as the current DX isn’t the DX that it once was and how just Nash and Hall wouldn’t really be the nWo (it would be more of “the Outsiders”) it would still be cool. I mean DX is working out pretty well. Its a more mature DX. nWo would be brought back and hopefully not made to be as some big pussies this time around.

I’m all for it if they can get Nash and Hall back.


PS I would also try very hard to get X-Pac back too, seeing that he was in both groups and see which side he would join (technically, on the WWE end, Shawn Michaels joined nWo toward the end of their time, but I never considered him a real nWo member).

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