Weisz on Mummy 3

Oh please let her be in it…please!

from darkhorizons.com:

Weisz On “Mummy”,
Posted: Friday September 8th 2006 11:56am
Source: Ecran Large
Author: Garth Franklin

While she was at the 32nd Deauville American Film Festival promoting “The Fountain”, Ecran Large had the opportunity to ask Rachel Weisz about her involvement in “The Mummy 3”.

She says “I know there’s a new script but I haven’t read it yet. Nothing’s definite yet and should the film be done, it’s probably going to happen next summer. And if so, I would definitely like to be in it”.

A Mummy movie without her or Brendan Fraiser at this point wouldn’t be a real Mummy movie, it would be a waste of time.


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