Michael Crichton’s NEXT

If you know me, you know I like Michael Crichton, the author of Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Timeline, Prey, etc…well, his NEXT book is coming out and here’s the description for it…oh yeah, and you can officially add this as my first contribution to my Christmas List 2006!!! WHOO!!!

from Comingsoon.net:

Michael Crichton’s Next Coming Nov. 28
Source: HarperCollins Publishers
September 13, 2006

HarperCollins Publishers has announces the publication of “Next,” the new novel by #1 bestselling author Michael Crichton. The one-day laydown is November 28th. “Next” will be published in hardcover, audio, large print and e-book formats simultaneously around the world by HarperCollins Publishers in the English language. The announced first printing is 2 million copies.

In his brilliant new blockbuster, Michael Crichton takes the reader into the realm of genetics: fast, furious and out of control. Prepare to enter a world where nothing is as it seems and a new set of possibilities is opening up at every turn. “Next” challenges your sense of what is happening, what is true and what is ethical. “Next” will overturn your assumptions of what you thought you knew. Provocative yet playful, dark and disturbing, “Next” is Michael Crichton as you’ve never seen him before.

“Next” will have you asking yourself:

Could your loved one be missing some body parts? Are blondes becoming extinct? Is everyone at your dinner table of the same species? It’s 2006: do you know who all your children are? Do you know humans and chimpanzees differ in only 400 genes? Do you want to design your own pet? Change the stripes on the fish in your aquarium? Or sell your eggs and sperm online for thousands of dollars? Did you know one fifth of all your genes are owned by someone else? Come to think of it, could you and your family be pursued cross country just because you happen to have certain genes in your body?

This is not just the world of the future-it’s the world right now! Most of the events in this book have already happened. And the rest are just around the corner.

Get used to it.

Sounds crazy! Now, I did get STATE OF FEAR, his last book, it came out in 2004 and I could never get into it, it was too much. Too much science, I needed a real page turner. I’ve been really into a lot of non-fiction recently, but there are only a few people that get me to read fiction: Michael Crihton, Dan Brown and James Patterson. That’s the short list so far.

Good stuff. Christmas is just around the corner.


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